Women’s Health Summit – Free Online Women’s Health Event

Reclaim Your Health at the Free Online Women’s Health Summit

I’m honored to present alongside 11 amazing women at the Women’s Health Summit, which is a 100% free, online event taking place right now!

I’ll be discussing pain-free nutrition, or how to use food to support healing from injury, joint and muscle pain. I’ll be talking about which foods support energy, vitality and performance, how to eliminate inflammatory foods, and give you some simple recipes for anti-inflammatory meals.

In addition to my talk, you’ll get to hear from eleven other wonderfully talented women on a variety of women’s health topics. Twelve women talking about women’s issues!

Learn How to Improve Your Health Naturally from 12 Women’s Health Experts

  • Find out how to eliminate menstrual cramps and resolve urinary leakage
  • Uncover how to improve core strength, reduce back pain, and build a strong backside
  • Learn how to make your workplace a space that enhances your health
  • Discover how to lose weight, get more energy, and reduce pain and inflammation with food
  • Understand how to manage stress, heal trauma, and feel more rested and peaceful
  • More…

Free Women's Health Summit Galina Denzel

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