Why 90 days?

“90 days is a long time, I would have never done this if it wasn’t for the group and you guys!”

These words belong to Amy who completed our 90 Day Reboot in April, 2015.

I believe her. I don’t think she could have done it without the group. I don’t think she would have paid the same focused attention to planning her meals, adequate sleep, intentional fun and rest, movement and exercise. I know that she wouldn’t have invested time, energy and passion in taking care of her body.

And I am going to be transparent here as I say that she is an incredibly motivated lady – she does want to be energetic and full of life, she does want to embody health on every level. But wanting and needing does not equal doing, just like knowing and understanding doesn’t equal practicing. My friend – holistic health coach Rupina Meer, says: information does not equal transformation.  In the same way motivation does not equal transformation.

When we first met Amy she was confident that she was ready for change. Yet, there were so many aspects of her life that pulled her in different directions – work, children and grandchildren, her husband, her volunteer work with the pet rescue center in town. At the end of each day she was too tired to think what she would have for breakfast, or how to fit a walk in her busy weekday schedule. She was too exhausted to talk to her kids about their chores, so she was doing lots of housework at night. She was too involved managing every visible aspect of her busy life to notice how upset she was about the lack of one on one time with her husband. Her discontent was rising, unbeknownst to her. No wonder she couldn’t figure out why she was emotionally eating at night.

We started the 90 Day Reboot with 30 days of the Real Food Reset – our simple plan that eliminates cravings and nourishes your body inside out. Then slowly, over the length of the 90 days we started paying really close attention to the behaviors and habits Amy and the group had developed – we analyzed which habits served the goals of health and wellness and which habits didn’t. We started trying on some new simple behaviors, such as spending 5 minutes at the end of each day looking back and being thankful for the delicious meals and time to exercise and another 5 minutes looking at the day ahead and planning how to eat and how to move. The group soon discovered together that no one was getting enough restorative sleep. They were surprised to find out that every single one of them had unrealistic expectations about how much weight they could shed in 90 days. They realized that all of them had been fighting the same uphill battle for years.

The battle looks something like this – you get all pumped up about being active and eating well and you go on a plan, program, join a gym, etc. You go whole hog – investing hundreds of dollars in supplements, shakes, a pedometer…and then 4 weeks in, 10 weeks in, you fall of the wagon. Heck, some people fall off by Wednesday. Or you are able to successfully maintain a lifestyle of healthy habits for a few months or even years and then work stress, a new baby, or a family loss, causes you to slip back into old habits.

What gives? (Insert your own answer here).

We believe that everyone, given empowering information and skills can learn a lot about themselves in 90 days. We know in our hearts and through our experience that the power of group support and the contagious energy of transformation, coupled with expert guidance, can produce phenomenal results.

If you can recognize yourself in the story above, or if you want to make a change in 2016, we want to be your support system.

We want to be those people who teach you that having a cookie isn’t the end of the world – a cause to go and run laps around your neighborhood. We want to be the call in your life that wakes you up to a sane and simple relationship with food. No, you don’t need a PhD to choose yogurt in the supermarket. It takes 3 minutes to learn how to do that.

Guess what, you are not the only one rushing to the fridge for comfort when life gets hard.

Others don’t have the energy or time to exercise either…Let us help you filter through all the media hype and actually move in a way that is effective and makes sense to your body.

We are here to give you information, support, motivation, and transformation all in one.

So are you ready for 90 days of learning about you and food, you and movement, you and sleep, you and fun, you and others, you and your relationship with all that is good and nourishing and energizing in your life.

Join the 90 Day Reboot NOW and be ready to hit the ground running in the New Year!

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