90 Day Reboot – January, 2017

The 90 Day Reboot




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2017 New Year

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Coaching starts January 1st

Are you tired of fast fixes and quick diets that don’t work?

Are you ready for a true and empowering transformation?

Are you ready to get in shape and stay in shape?


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Starts January 1st, 2017

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roland and galya and the fence yes-0004There is no one better equipped to meet you, your dreams, challenges, goals, and expectations than Roland and Galina Denzel. Roland lost 100 lbs, kept them off for 12 years, and in the process has taken thousands from tired to energized, from overweight to lean and fit.

Galina is a wellness coach who’s helped develop tens of thousands of effective exercise and nutrition plans, easy and delicious recipes and has inspired people all over the world to create lasting and meaningful change in their health and lifestyle!


90 day reboot winners

In our first local Reboot in 2015 we collectively lost 280 lbs, and our team saw huge changes in blood pressure, cholesterol numbers, sleep quality, athletic performance, endurance and stress levels.

OK, I’m in! What’s involved in past 90 Day Reboots?

We start with 30 days of Real Food.

This is a plan of eating based on our most popular book The Real Food Reset. It teaches you how to love natural and satisfying foods, what foods steal your energy and reconnects you with your true sense of hunger and fullness. Many people drop sizes and gain significant energy in this phase. We support you with online group discussions as well as live online group support meetings. You can email us any time you have a question – it’s like having a coach in your pocket!

Then 60 days of habits coaching, leading to lasting change

In this phase we work together to create healthy habits that guarantee long term success, so you never have to go on a diet, do an insane exercise program, or experience burn out and loss of motivation again.

Some of these habits are: shopping and preparing meals for the week, increasing your walking, food journaling, decoding nutrition labels and information, understanding food behavior, tracking movement, improving strength, learning how to create a dynamic office, adopting new stress-relief practices and many more.

Take the next step.

Take better care of yourself this spring.

Earlybird Rate Just $170!

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What does the program include and what are the steps?

As soon as you sign up, you are added to an online discussion group.

You receive your welcome video and package (including digital files to support your new lifestyle, complete with specific nutrition, movement and healthy habit guidelines, as well as detailed calendar of activities for the 90 days)

We will send you information as you need it, whether it’s an invite to watch a video we recorded for you or access to a live Q&A session

The 90 days include two distinct phases

Phase 1

 30 Days of Real Food – this eating style, based on our book The Real Food Reset will help you take control of cravings through eating whole natural foods, become reconnected with signals of hunger and satiety and will create a steady base for acquiring the new healthy habits of Phase 2

Phase 2

 Anyone can lose weight and get active for a month, but what happens next? In Phase 2 you learn the vital and life changing tools, techniques and habits that will help propel you into a longterm lifestyle of eating for optimal weight, health and performance

How do we support you?

You get personal access to your coaches via the Facebook discussion group and email. You will also be invited to regular online meetings, where you can ask questions, overcome obstacles and get inspired to keep going!

You get:

expert coaching by Galina and Roland Denzel

live bi-weekly online support meetings

an online support group

Earlybird Rate Just $170!

$189 – Click here or the button above!

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