Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well

52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week

Yep, that’s the new cover and we love it!

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of crazy as things get ready to “go to print.” …and boy are they ready. We are ready. Seriously ready. We can’t wait. Seriously, we think you’re really going to love this new book!

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week

If it’s not clear by the title and subtitle, the book has 52 simple but powerful habits to help you improve your health, fitness, and happiness. Yeah, there’s exercise in there, plus movement, nutrition, and mindset. But there’s lots more, too.

The ingredients for good health are hidden in plain site

Good health is hidden in so many things, from the foods you eat, to how you cook them, to how you shop. It doesn’t take as much as you think to get healthier. Small changes add up, quickly. Our book removes the barriers even as it lays out the option. Simple and clear. Week by week. In baby steps.

Did you know there’s a difference between exercise and movement?

Knowing the difference means you’re able to choose what’s really important to you and your health. Here’s a hint. Exercise is just a supplement for the movement you’re not doing. You may love the gym, but if you don’t, there are options. Options that are sure to fit your lifestyle, even when the health club doesn’t.

You know what you need to do. Or do you?

Want to eat fish, but don’t know how to cook it, much less choose it? Fish is healthy, but what about the mercury? Farm raised or wild caught? Will my head explode from all the decisions? Probably not, because we lay out the simple steps. Baby steps, remember?

Love coffee, but know you need to cut back? Do you really? Spoiler alert, you don’t.

Sit all day for work, but standing all day for your health sounds horrible? There’s a better way, and we tell you all about it. Simple steps again.

Whether it’s cooking, nutrition, movement and exercise, work, home, and lifestyle, or mind and body, Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well has you covered.

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week will be available October 1st, 2016

…and you’re going to love it!

Roland & Galina

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