get healthy again

Get healthy, get healthy again, and stay healthy for life!

We all want to be healthy. Some for the very first time, while many more are looking to get healthy again. And once there, we all want to be healthy for life!

Whether you’re ready to take that first step, jump in again, or want to keep on the path now that you’re there, we’ve got you covered!

The road to health is paved with good intentions

People have the best of intentions when it comes to eating right, exercising, getting healthy, or getting healthy again. Those who do start often don’t naturally find their rhythm and notice the change they want. Sometimes the changes don’t happen quickly enough to keep them motivated. They pause or stop, and then one day find that they now need to get healthy again.

We see this over and over again in our readers and clients. Each person has their unique challenges, but when it comes to starting and stopping a tough task, we are all more similar than different.

Recently, we were interviewed by Oxygen magazine, who wanted our take on how to best help readers who are ready to get healthy now, others who have veered off path and looking to get healthy again, and finally, those readers who want to stay healthy for life!

Get healthy

Are you currently looking to find your way to a healthy lifestyle? These five simple tips will help you find your path to success.

1. Set yourself up for success

Brutal honesty is needed here –your health is at stake, after all – Make sure you build a plan you can actually execute. Not for the obvious reasons, but so you feel that sense of accomplishment, which helps you keep going.

If you intend to walk six times a week and only get two walks in, it feels like failure. Promising to go twice and actually going twice feels like success! After a few successes, you’re going to be encouraged to do more, not quit!

2. Don’t try to do it all

Many people think marathon levels of change are needed just to get healthy, but that’s not true. Take an easier path. Take the easiest road for you.  

Start with better movement OR better eating, for instance. One, not both. Then, dedicate a week to it.

Start with simple actions such as logging your food or daily walking. Later, you can add other components, such as planning your meals in advance or joining an exercise class.

Doing too much too soon is often not sustainable. Be consistent and successful in one area of change, and then build on confidence each time you succeed.

3. Remove one, add one

This goes with both nutrition and movement. Remove one part of your meal that you know isn’t helping you thrive – for example eating chips with your sandwich. Take the chips away and replace them with something you know supports health. Try a cup of veggies or a small salad in place of the chips.

Apply this to movement by swapping 30 minutes of sitting out for 30 minutes of walking, or even a body weight exercise program you enjoy.

A one for one swap is a simple and effective way to improve your health, without a lot of extra stress.

4. Become a time manager

Starting a new eating plan or movement practice takes time, especially in the beginning when you are establishing new habits.

Set aside windows of time to focus on your plans and actions. Set aside daily times to make meals, shop, or do your movement practice, too.

Where possible, combine new activities with ones you already enjoy doing, such as walking at the track while watching your kids play soccer, or cooking and listening to an audiobook or podcast.

5. Focus on actions, not goals

When starting, most people have a clear goal in mind – losing weight or running a faster mile – but if you only measure how you feel against a far future goal, it can be discouraging when you hit a slow stretch.

Big goals are like far-off destinations, but what gets you there are your daily steps or actions.

At the end of each day take an account of what actions you took that day – what were the positive steps, and how did they make you feel? Each day is a leg of your journey, and its steps take you closer to your destination.

get healthy again running

Get healthy again

Are you in a start-stop-start pattern when it comes to your nutrition, movement, and exercise?

Been there, done that.

Go ahead. Sigh, moan, frown, cry, or even primal scream! Then relax and take a breath. It can happen to anyone.

Want some good news? Starting over can actually put you at an advantage. You have some insight into what you like, what you don’t, what works and what doesn’t, what you need for success and what obstacles you may meet.

If you’re trying to get healthy again, you already have one foot on the path! You can use these three tips to get the other foot back in and start walking!

1. Have a health theme

I have to give credit to my friend,  coach Mark Young, here. A theme is a fun way to focus on health from a positive angle.

A nutrition health theme can be something simple like eating locally sourced food, and really focusing on that weekly CSA basket you get from the farm. A movement and training theme could be to see how your out-of-the-gym mobility and movement affects your in-gym performance. You might see how better sleep improves your running endurance?

Keep your theme in mind by placing reminders around your home or workspace – inspirational cards, post-it notes, or motivational quotes. You could even name your theme. Have a slogan. “30 Days of Sitting Less,” for instance. Sounds pretty good!

2. Know the needs and wants of your body, today

Trying an approach that worked in the past, not realizing your body’s needs have changed, could lead to frustration and failure.

If you’re a heavier exerciser now, you might need more protein so you can recover quicker. If you’re less active right now, maybe fewer carbs are needed. Extra work stress might mean simpler workouts or more sleep is necessary for success. Times change, and so do you.

Reflect on your past successes, but realize that you may need to adjust to your current situation. Take what you know from the past, and adjust for today to ensure you can keep on the right path.

3. Find your motivators

Find out who (or what) helps you stay on track. A friend who is passionate about health can really ignite your fire. A fun social media app or website can keep you going strong. A visit to your parents or grandparents can make you keenly aware of how taking care of yourself can help you age gracefully.

When you know what or who hits your “on” button, make sure you engage with them. Be present and aware in those situations, and let them propel you forward.

get healthy again


Stay healthy

You’re healthy now. You’ve made the change. Great job!

You’ve done the hard part, but now you’re a little scared of veering off your path. You don’t have to be. These next few tips are for you.

1. Look back

If you have a history of going on and off your path, ask yourself why you strayed.

Is it because you chose an activity that left you achy or sore? It felt good at first, but worse the day after?

Do you have a black and white attitude? Did one day of bad eating or a missed yoga class lead to a whole month off? Or never going back at all?

Did you lack support, like a partner, coach, or buddy? Someone to be accountable to?

We are all different. Look inside yourself, find what’s missing, and follow the tips above to set yourself up for success!

2. Read up

There are hundreds if not thousands of incredible books published every year, including our latest book, “Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week.”

Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well - 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week“Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well” is our best book yet, and since it contains 52 chapters on every health subject under the sun, you’re bound to get healthy and stay there!

The right book can teach you valuable skills, deepen your understanding of yourself, and give you new ideas to stay inspired.

All you have to do is start to feel the effects. Staying on track is the journey. Surround yourself with knowledge, and never stop being a student of YOU.

3. Your body deserves expert support

Most people are perfectly fine asking for help with taxes or choosing a preschool, yet feel like they should naturally know their needs when it comes to nutrition and movement?

The truth is your body already has the potential for amazing function and performance, but if you keep tinkering with the controls not knowing what they do, you will get confusing results. An exercise and nutrition plan not done at the right time or in the right way can leave you feeling like something is wrong or even “broken.”

Instead of heading off in random directions, buy a map or bring a guide on board. What you learn from an expert can provide a map that guides you for the rest of your life.


Get healthy, get healthy again, and stay healthy for life!

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