galina denzel movement as medicine summit

Movement as Medicine

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Movement as Medicine online summit, which starts Monday!

It’s free, online, and starts Monday, May 21st, so signup now so you don’t miss a single day!

We all love to move.

It’s innate, intrinsic to life. Just watch kids at play. How many of us, as adults, move with as much joy, curiosity, and as engaged with life as we did as kids?

Modern movement science is reshaping our understanding of the primacy of movement for a happy and healthy human existence. It’s changing the way we think about fitness, exercise and overall wellness.

Our modern world, with all it’s conveniences, is significantly lacking in movement. Sitting, driving, phones, computers – They all take their toll. Neck pain, back pain, foot pain, joint pain, repetitive strain, and more.

Movement as Medicine

You might already be taking care of your nutrition and food, but isn’t it time to look at your ‘movement nutrition,’ as well?

Our overall daily activity is just as important as our balanced diet- we want a variety of the good stuff, whether it’s food or movement.

Signup now, or you’ll miss Galina, and a dozen plus other experts, on Movement as Medicine, starting Monday, May 21st!

Click HERE or the picture below to signup for Movement as Medicine, now!galina denzel movement as medicine summit

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