Want to feel lighter and have more energy?

A few months ago we did a survey and we asked our readers, students and podcast listeners about the kind of change they want to feel in their bodies. Can you guess what the top three were?

We were not surprised that more than 60% of you wanted to feel lighter, shed a few pounds, and feel better in your skin. Another 70% of you wanted more energy. Self-care was third down on the list.

Then we looked at the main obstacles – while people shared that they loved our book and deeper programs, such as Every BODY Moves, most of you also wanted tools that don’t take a lot of time and help you feel results fast.

This was our kind of challenge.

Roland and I created a free 5 day program to set in motion the most crucial habits to get you on the path of feeling lighter fast, without having to do anything crazy.

You see, our bodies are actually designed to respond to smart, consistent and caring action, and when you follow the steps in our 5 day challenge, you will start to feel how it works!

To find out more, head over to the page, and sign up – it’s that easy!

See you there!


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