Move better today, move more tomorrow

Here is the tricky thing about movement – it only works if you do it.

It’s a hard truth to swallow – that even those of us who are more active, still spend more time sedentary, or stand-entary (if you have a stand-up desk, that is!). So unless you move, the power of movement isn’t really working in your favor!

We wrote about the importance of daily movement and included hundreds of ways to move more in daily life in our latest book! We even taught you how to organize your workspace and home life in a way that supports movement! And yet, cars, chairs and screens draw us down into stillness, like an anchor that needs to be pulled out daily.

It’s incredible how lack of movement shows up in our bodies and minds. Our students will describe symptoms ranging from nagging aches and pains, to mysterious digestive conditions, to irritability, lack of focus and clarity. Or just lack of drive and willpower, writer’s block, loss of motivation…

It’s not uncommon, on one of our coaching health intake forms, to see someone with jaw pain, headaches, low back pain, foot pain, digestive discomfort and anxiety all written in one neat line. And often, as we include the personalized movement programs, and as students start to move- many of those complaints lessen and even vanish completely.

Here is how movement is powerful – it’s not the calories burnt or the post-exercise oxygen consumption that matters the most, but that we open a pathway for blood, lymph, neural, and energy flow.

And when the body has open flow, the exchange of nutrients and metabolites, gases and fluids can happen easily. Your heart works with ease when the muscles are returning blood back to it, your fascia slides better when there’s hydration in the area, your lungs expand freely when your ribcage muscles are able to stretch and respond…it’s that easy.

As a human being, you are a marvelous work of art comprised of tubes, hollow spaces, wires, and pathways – from your bronchi to your meridians and from your endothelium to your skin – and they all need one thing – to move.

Even your brain has evolved to support movement – and that should tell you something right there!

Yet, for many people, it’s hard to move on a daily basis.

Some of the main obstacles we see have to do with time management, or not knowing exactly what to do. Some people overshoot in intensity and volume, so recovery suffers, movement looks like one step forward, two back… and progress is rarely made.

There are different motivations behind starting a movement program – and no matter what yours is – from healing your body to athletic performance, quality always precedes quantity. When you are able to move your body more – and move more of your body, keeping the pathways open – movement becomes easy, pleasant and a piece of cake to increase.

We are always looking for solutions, and you’ve probably seen or own our Every Body Moves course, or the 365 membership with new movement practices each month, but we wanted to do something to address three problem areas:

  • Your limited time
  • Your body that may ache and hurt with regular exercise
  • Loss of proprioception, interoception (fancy ways to say your brain loses connection with your body when you don’t move) due to stillness and stress

So we created a new movement class, called Healing Movement, to help you get quality movement in, in a time that is available for most of us in a day, organized around a monthly theme and quite affordable, especially if you join during the launch month of each class!

For the price of a cup of coffee you get an effective and masterfully guided 1/2 hour class delivered straight to your email 4 Thursdays of the month.

The themes change monthly, and you can see them and enroll in the first class, here.

Why are we offering you a class like this?

Because our bodies are starved for movement and they give us so much back when we spend even 30 minutes with them! But how will you know if you just read about it?

Enroll two ways:

Directly enroll to get 4 classes for $19 – price goes up at the end of each month

Get the classes free when you enroll as a 365 community member 

The first class, Strong Feet, Better Balance,  is live now, and look at this feedback we got already!

And more:

We hope you join us for Healing Movement, today!

Jump in, we got you!

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