Maria Hickman helps kids get healthy one swap at a time

Swap it Healthy with Maria Hickman

Maria Hickman helps kids get healthy one swap at a time!

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Roland and Galina Denzel EatMoveLive52 Podcast

Swap It Healthy with Maria Hickman

Maria Hickman Sweet Potatoes

Maria Hickman – Certified Health Coach and Brain Health Coach

She believes food can be medicine when used properly.  Within her own family, the proper use of food has cured numerous diseases.

Her husband had high blood pressure, constant headaches, and aches and pains from playing football in the NFL. Maria was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and her children suffered from ADHD, eczema, asthma, and leaky gut.  All of this is gone with making simple, slow changes to the 4 pillars of health.

Maria specializes in children with ADD (all 7 types), plus kids with behavioral, weight and skin issues.

Although she loves to work with kids, she has many adult clients that have decided to get healthy!

Topics Discussed

  • Dear Maria, please share a bit of your personal story. Where were you in your life when you first became interested in health and what was the defining moment when you chose to turn your life around?
  • What were some of the health challenges in your family at the time you started changing your nutrition and what was it like to start making these changes? How did the kids respond?
  • Where is the balance between modern medicine and a holistic food based approach to healing? Do you have any wisdom for parents whose kids may be prescribed medicine considering nutrition as a healing option?
  • What are some of the most common conditions you see in kids and why do you think we see more and more ADD, skin issues, sensitivities, weight gain?
  • What are the specific interventions you make with families? Can you talk about the four pillars?
  • What are some environmental factors outside of food that may influence kids health these days? (EMFs, screens, blue light, sleep deprivation, etc.)
  • What first steps can parents take to start shifting the mindset around processed food and what is considered a “normal” diet for a child?
  • What is the role of movement and activity for kids? We see studies about cutting recess or adding recess and the effect movement has on focus! What do you see in your own kids with movement?
  • Do you guys grow your own food? Do the kids take part?
  • How do you “have fun” without the culturally expected feasts around food and sugar? How do you shift the kids from a fun with food mindset to a fun with family mindset?
  • What is your encouragement for parents who think “I can’t do this!”
  • Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming 12 week program and how it can help families transition to a natural food lifestyle?

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Roland and Galina Denzel EatMoveLive52 Podcast

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One thought on “Swap it Healthy with Maria Hickman

  1. Barbara D

    Loved this interview! So unrehearsed and natural back and forth conversation. Very informative and how great that the 3 of you have crossed paths once again. Keep up the good work!


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