The trend free rd amy kubal registered dietitian

Nutrition Myths & Realities with Trend Free RD Amy Kubal

We’ve been fans of Amy Kubal’s humor and common sense nutrition for years, so when she said yes to joining us, we were (and still are) thrilled!

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Roland, Galina, and Amy

Now, onto the show…

Show Notes – Trend Free Nutrition with Amy Kubal, RD

TrendFreeRD amy kubal registered dietitian

Amy Kubal Bio

Amy Kubal MS, RDN  is a Registered Dietitian who is well-versed in working with Paleo, autoimmune, ketogenic, digestive and kidney health, performance, eating disorder, and figure/bodybuilding diet/nutrition plans.

She has served as a consultant dietitian for Robb Wolf, The Paleo Mom, Training Bible Coaching, and several Crossfit gyms.

Amy also works independently with a wide range of diets, health conditions, athlete types, and ages.

Topics Discussed

  • Galina asked me how we met, and it’s been so long that I don’t remember. I had a really long commute in the olden days and suddenly, I used to listen to every paleo, real food, and low carb podcast I could find. It might have been through Robb Wolf’s podcast. Were you working with Robb Wolf at the beginning?
  • When we started working with nutrition clients we were pretty focused on a paleo-style diet, which is how I learned about you. How has your relationship with the paleo diet changed over time?
  • I’ve always seen you as a voice-of-reason when it comes to nutrition. Even on the Robb Wolf show you weren’t particularly dogmatic on paleo.
  • Do you have core principles that you think are important for a good healthy diet? What about for weight loss?
  • Is it okay if we talk about keto? When is keto the right diet?
  • The Atkins diet got a lot of pushback from the paleo community so why is keto getting a pass?
  • Carnivore? We have a friend doing it keto style because she had a hard time controlling her blood sugar on other diets (even keto with a few veggies here and there). What’s going on here? Is the carnivore diet good for certain people?
  • Every year paleo-style diets get slammed as unhealthy by lists like the US News and World Reports diet rankings. Meanwhile, low-fat, low salt, and plant-based diets with less evidence of effectiveness and wholesomeness do better. What’s going on there?
  • What’s your take on vegan diets for health? Can a vegan thrive? What are some signs that a vegan diet is not serving you well?
  • You recently posted about problems that certain people have on a higher protein diet? Why and when can a high protein diet be a problem?
  • They’ll take my cheese when they scrape it from my warm, greasy fingers. Let’s talk about that cheese article –
  • how does the public (or a health coach) make decisions about what to eat or not to eat when there’s so much nonsense floating around? Coffee good, coffee bad. Red meat bad, red meat not bad enough to say it’s bad? Doctors and personal trainers are still telling people to eat egg whites. How does one stay informed?
  • Tell us about your style when you work with clients? What type of clients are your specialty and what do you do that’s different?
  • How can people find you and work with you?

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The trend free rd amy kubal registered dietitian

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