Stop a Cold with this Natural Cold Remedy

I’ve been living this healthy lifestyle for years, but I still catch colds no matter how healthy I am. Whether it’s a cure for the common cold or just stopping it in its tracks seems like semantics to me.

A natural remedy that makes my cold go away? Done!

How to stop a cold with a natural cold remedy

Hi, it’s Roland, and I have a cold.

I’ve been pretty miserable.

I felt it when I woke up Thursday night with a scratchy throat and a little sniffle.

I’d just returned from a trip to Colorado, so there had been a lot of dry air, new types of pollen, weird smoke, and a plane ride home. I had high hopes that I’d feel fine in the morning, but when I morning came I was worse.

Full Disclosure: I DO get sick

I’m not one of those ‘fitness people’ who claims to never get sick since going paleo, vegan, or doing Crossfit. I do. Maybe not as easily or as often as when I was unhealthy and overweight fifteen years ago, but I still get sick.

Viruses are pretty clever at getting through one’s defenses.

“Life, uh… finds a way” – Dr. Ian Malcolm

Unfortunately, I’m also one of those people who tends to get a cold, then feel pretty sick for a week or more. I sniffle and my voice sounds terrible and hoarse for a long time.

I love medicine for its life-saving properties, but I hate taking medicine just to feel better, especially when it’s just covering up the symptoms and not actually curing anything.

A natural cold remedy that actually works is rare. Most don’t do anything at all, and most cold medicines do nothing except mask the symptoms and give you side-effects.

If only there was a natural cold remedy that actually worked.

Well, there is.

You can stop a cold with a natural remedy

I used to think not, but then back in 2016, I found what for me still seems like a miracle cure.


I know, I know, zinc is nothing new.

You’ve seen those lozenges in the stores, and people say they work, so…

But do they really? I tried them and nothing happened. I tried again. Same thing, so I gave up.

Then one of my ‘trusted online advisers,’ Dr. Chris Masterjohn, told me I was using the wrong kind of zinc!

I listened to what he had to say, and the science is solid on this one. I believe it!

It is zinc, but not just any zinc

Zinc has been scientifically shown to stop the escalation of a cold in its tracks, but only if you start the zinc treatment early, use the right zinc, and take it properly.

Don’t just go into the health food store and ask for zinc or some other natural cold remedy. The clerk will mean well, but I can almost guarantee you’ll get the wrong thing.

the right zinc for fighting colds

↑ Look for the right zinc ↑

Before you rush out and buy anything and everything zinc related for your cold, finish reading this post.

I’ll keep it short, so hang in there…

  1. First, this has nothing to do with your body’s zinc levels. This zinc treatment works by covering the throat and sinuses with zinc, keeping the cold virus from attaching to the cells so they can’t multiply and spread.
  2. Zinc lozenge treatment needs to start at the first sign of a cold, before the virus fully takes hold. Do not wait or this won’t work well, or possibly at all. Buy your zinc today so you’re ready when you feel the cold starting.
  3. It has to be the right kind of zinc. Zinc Acetate is best. Common zinc tablets or pills will not work at all to stop colds.

Yes, it must be lozenges, and they need to be big enough so that they take 20-30 minutes to dissolve. The time matters. Also, the lozenges need to be taken every 2 hours during the day (but not while sleeping). There’s no need to wake up to take them during the night, either.

Unfortunately, the lozenges need to be the type that taste bad and dry out your mouth. Sorry, but the ingredients that mask the typical, nasty zinc taste will prevent the zinc from working. The science that keeps the virus from reproducing is in the pH balance, and tasty flavors reverse what the zinc is doing.

Bottom line, pharmacy and grocery store lozenges are not very effective (i.e., almost worthless). They can work in a pinch. Because of the type and amount of zinc, they are only half as effective at best. You’ll have to take A LOT more than the package recommends, which I would NOT recommend.

Look at the list above and see that the small, tasty lozenges from the grocery store and pharmacy dissolve too quickly. You would have to take two in a row to keep zinc in there for 20-30 minutes, every two hours. Not recommended.

What does the Doctor recommend?

The recommended lozenges are LifeExtension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges. Note – LifeExtension has two that look almost the same, so make sure you get the ones that say “Enhanced.” That sounds either silly or powerful, depending on your personality.

You can shop around, but they aren’t very expensive. Just buy the recommended zinc lozenges in the links below and kill that cold!


Prime Shipping via Amazon – This is our affiliate link to Enhanced Zinc On Amazon.

If you need to get your bottle quickly, you’ve got Prime shipping ready to help!

Stocking up? – I still went with Amazon for the 1-click (I know, that’s where they get you), but you can save a little by buying 4 bottles directly from LifeExtension – LifeExtension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges.

You’ll need multiple bottles for the season, anyway, especially if you have a family.

Not in the United States? Depending on what country you live in, you might have to search them out wherever you’d shop for natural cold remedy, just be sure to find the right ones!

Here’s the label of mine, below, to help you find it in your own country.

Stop a Cold with Zinc a natural cold remedy

↑ Look for Enhanced Zinc ↑

Stop a Cold with a Natural Cold Remedy

↑ There are multiple kinds of zinc, so look for zinc acetate ↑

Dr. Chris Masterjohn on Zinc and the Common Cold – How to Kill a Cold with Zinc


Like I wrote above, I’ve been using this technique for years now with good success.

When I travel, I even take a few days worth in my bag.

If I don’t, I know I’ll feel a cold coming on, and there will nothing I can do to stop it. That feeling of hopelessness can be worse than the cold itself.

I was skeptical at first because the tasty zinc lozenges from the grocery store did nothing for me, but since then I’ve read up on this and personally spoken with Chris Masterjohn about it.

The science is solid on this one!

Three Days and Counting

As I’m writing this, it’s been three days since my cold started, and I’m already feeling much better. My sore throat is long gone and my nose is clearing up.

Before this zinc treatment, I’d still have at least a week to go before my cold would technically be gone, but weeks more before I sounded well again.

Stock up on your Enhanced Zinc today, and be ready for a cold tomorrow!

You know it’s coming…

But I Don’t Want to Get Sick in the First Place

Me, neither, but it happens.

Still, whenever I write about this topic, people want to know what they can do to improve their chances of not getting a cold in the first place, boost natural immunity, and feel better if they DO get sick.

I’ll be writing more about that in the next few days, AND we’re covering immune system boosters in Eat Move Live 365 this month. If you want to dive in, be healthier, and boost your immunity to colds, flus, and more, join us today!

Talk soon, and don’t get sick.

But have your zinc handy, just in case!


PS – If you’ve been thinking of joining us in Eat Move Live 365, now’s a great time. We’re covering the immune system, which is going to come in real handy as we get close to holidays!

If you want to be the healthiest you, join the Eat Move Live 365 Community today!




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