Take a seat at the Taste of Paleo ’14

Is sitting really the new smoking?

If you’re in the Orange County area next Saturday (September 27th, 2014), I’ll be presenting at the 2nd annual Taste of Paleo.

They’ve got food covered.

I’m talking sitting.

I’m talking movement

…or in this case, lack of movement.


sitting is the new smoking due - Fitness Summit '14 2014-04-14


Is sitting the new smoking?

No one has to smoke. We all have to sit.

Sitting isn’t the problem.

Standing isn’t the solution.

Treadmill desks? …I don’t think so.

Sitting at work only ‘became a thing’ because people during the Industrial Revolution experienced health problems because of… standing!

We can’t go back, because back wasn’t always better.


Staying Healthy in a World Made for Sitting

I hope you can join me for my presentation next Saturday, where I’ll outline the dangers and the solutions.

Staying Healthy in a World Made of Chairs

Our people ARE designed to sit, just like we’re designed to stand, squat, and lay down. What we aren’t designed to do is pick a comfortable position and then stay there!

Sitting isn’t the new smoking. Smoking is optional, but everyone has to sit. We sit for work, at home, for transportation, to eat, to talk, to rest.

We live in a world seemingly designed for sitting, but STAYING sitting is taking its toll on our health and waistlines. Luckily, there are simple solutions to this health problem.

In addition to making you healthier, some of these solutions might even make you more productive on the job, help your performance at the gym, and possibly even improve your sex life!


Saturday? Um, I got this thing that I gotta do…

I said ‘improve your sex life’ and you’re still making excuses? 😉

Hey, I’m a realist, it’s a Saturday and I know what you’re thinking. “You want me to listen to a talk?”

Yeah, I do, but there’s food, too! Wine. Chocolate. Beer…

I know you really want to know that there’s good food at this thing, and there is.

taste of paleo luke's burgers IMG_0155


They’ve got you covered!

Come for the food, stay for the talks!

I’m on at 1:30. It will be short and sweet!

See you there!


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