Chocolate Lonely

Today, I’m more used to my time apart from Galya, but there’s really no way to get used to being apart when you want to be together.


You have to come to terms with yourself, or things call to you from the kitchen. …or the convenience store.

Galya brought this chocolate back from her recent, and long trip.

chocolate lonely choco lonely IMG_20141007_054414_edit

Wow. Talk about knowing your customer!

…the chocolate company, not Galya.


It’s been a while

After many years of ‘weight off,’ I no longer eat out of loneliness, but I do remember.

Yeah, there was a day…

Loneliness is only one reason to hit the chocolate – or whatever your ‘food of emotion’ is – but for me, stopping it came down to more than using those clichéd tips to avoid those late night binges. For me, things changed when I stopped trying to lose weight to ‘get happy.’


Kidding myself

When happiness was my goal, it didn’t take much to show that I was kidding myself.

I remember losing twenty pounds, looking in the mirror, and realizing that I was still going to be shy and lonely after another twenty pounds. So, I just stopped trying.

Years later, I was happy, and I decided to lose weight for other reasons. Health, my kids, and even to save money (fast food $$ adds up quickly); these are the same reasons we give ourselves when we are kidding ourselves, but this time the reasons were the reasons.

It’s rare to tell yourself that you’re going to be happy when you’re thin, but in the back of your mind, it’s there. There might be a beautiful girl or a handsome boy that you dream about, but in the end, you want happiness.


Find happiness

Help yourself or get the help you need, but find it, and the rest should come.

It still might not be easy, but it should come easier, and without all the f*@&ing chocolate calling you.



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