Kevin Tumlinson's Wordslinger Podcast - Living Well with Roland Denzel

Roland on The Wordslinger Podcast

Talking eating, moving, and living well with my friend, Kevin Tumlinson

“People freeze because they can’t be perfect.” – Roland Denzel

I didn’t remember saying that, but that’s definitely how I feel. For so many people it’s all or nothing. They want to eat organic, non-gmo, preservative-free everything, and when they can’t, they hit the drive-thru, instead. Don’t be like that. Every step you take toward health makes you incrementally more healthy, and these things add up.

Whoa… I better go listen to the whole show and hear all the other brilliant things that I’m likely to have said. I kid. …but not really.

This is one of my favorite interviews because it’s for ‘regular people.’ Not that you’re irregular people, but most people reading and listening about fitness and health already been bitten by the fitness bug. I want to reach the other 99%. My goal is to reach people who don’t think they are ready to start, and show them how to take the first step.

Today, your first step is easy. All you have to do is listen to Kevin and me talk. For best results, do it walking. 😉

The Wordslinger Podcast – Living Well with Roland Denzel

Kevin Tumlinson's Wordslinger Podcast - Living Well with Roland Denzel

The Wordslinger Podcast – Episode 073 – Living Well with Roland Denzel

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