Man on Top: Lose Fat, Get Fit & Control Your Weight for LIfe!

The book project that started it all is released!

The day Man on Top went live on, Galya reminded me that we started the book in a December, too. Yep, four years ago, in  December, Gal came to the States for a visit. A little jet-lagged, over coffee in our local Starbucks, we wrote out the outline on scraps of paper. Four years later (after falling in love, her move to the USA, our wedding, and what seems like a million writing sessions) we are done!

Man on Top: Lose Fat, Get Fit, and Control Your Weight For Life


Man on Top combines my experiences with my own weight loss, losing over 100 pounds, and keeping it off for over ten years, with Galya’s experience running a gym, training 11 year’s worth of clients, and successfully counseling dieters on weight loss.

Our book is exactly the information that I wish I had 10 years ago; information that would have saved me the stress of wondering what to do, what to eat, when to eat it, and what to do when I hit a stall. That’s a lot to think about, and to be honest, I made things a lot more complicated than they needed to be back then.

The truth is that when I was ready to lose weight, way back when, I dove into a super low calorie, low fat, Spartan diet head first, and I didn’t have to! Oh, and I thought hours of running per week were necessary!

Man on Top is the kind of plan that I wish on everybody! Everybody who wants to get in shape, that is. It’s a plan that starts off easy, with small, simple changes to your routine, and only adds more changes when you really need them. Often, even small changes can have a big effect on you!

We’ve all heard the expression “less is more,” right? I’m not going to say less is more, but I will say that sometimes, doing less NOW makes it MORE likely that you will succeed in the long run. Why? Small changes, introduced over time, make good habits easier to form and more likely to stick.


Let me tell you what’s in Man on Top, okay?

  • A 12 week training program, plus the bonus Kickstart program that can start on day one. That’s right, no need to read the whole book just to get started!
  • 50+ recipes that are simple and nutritious. In addition, they are recipes that your family will love, so don’t worry! No one has to suffer; not you, not them!
  • Simple, home based workouts. Sure, you can go to the gym if you like it, but you can also save time and money with our simple training plan that starts with bodyweight exercises, and adds just a few inexpensive fitness tools over time  – all for less than you’d pay for most gym memberships!
  • A Life section that shows you which small changes you can make for the biggest bang for your weightloss buck.
  • No expensive fat burners, shakes, HCG injections, or diet foods required!


Nutritionist Alan Aragon, MS, Author of Girth Control, The Science of Fat Loss & Muscle Gain, Featured Columnist, Men’s Health Magazine has this to say about Man on Top.

“Man on Top is unlike any diet book out there. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a diet book. It’s a here’s-how-you-change-your-habits-perspective-and-life book. It’s written in such a deliciously casual style that speaks from the heart, and goes straight to the head.

Anyone even remotely intimidated about the idea of losing weight and keeping it off needs to buy this book, period.

Roland & Galina created a truly unique & workable guide to succeeding at something most people can’t.”


Roland and Galya Denzel


We’re very excited and proud of this book. It’s a true labor of love, as you can see by our story!, and we hope you enjoy it or know someone who will.

Roland and Galya


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