The Eat Well, Move Well #3 – Guest Dr Liz Hoefer, Blair Chiropractor, plus Q&A and rambling

We have our first guest, and a chance to demystify the chiropractor

Sorry for the repost, but there was an iTunes fumble on my part! The newest file should be in iTunes shortly! In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed #2 one more time!

Eat Well, Move Well Podcast 3 – Upper Cervical Chiropractic, 21 Days of detox, why we eat so late –  (right click and choose “Save link as” to download)


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Topics and Links:

21 Days of ‘Cleanse’ explained – My 21 Days of ‘Detox’

You guys eat SO LATE! WTF?

We’re doing another cooking class this weekend!

Man on Top (aka THE BOOK) is ready! We patiently wait until Amazon gets it on their virtual shelves!

Our Guest, Dr. Liz Hoefer – Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor –

Find a Blair Chiropractor – Blair Chiropractic Society (


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