If the paleo diet won’t fix it, you’re probably going to die


In recent years, in the fitness or nutrition communities, the ‘cure’ has been squats, deadlifts, fish oil, and various superfoods. I’ve never seen it said by any online or print running coach, but a big part of me believes that the cardio addicts think that just another few miles a week will be all it takes to cure their ills.

So, I’m not just singling out the paleo diet; that’s just one of the latest and greatest cures, soon to be surpassed by ‘gluten free,’ which, luckily, is part of the paleo plan. 🙂

If ______ won’t fix it, you’re probably going to die

What is ______ ? Well, it’s different depending on your product passion. You see, if it fixed you, it’ll fix everybody, right?

In the fitness and nutrition community, we see the claims of “cure all” being made for the latest “it” food or activity, and while they rarely claim it explicitly, it’s often implied or inferred, depending on whether you are reading or writing, speaking or listening.

The list of ‘the fix for everything’ is a long one

the cure-alls

  • paleo
  • primal
  • fish oil
  • gluten free
  • squats
  • crossfit
  • mangosteen
  • kettlebells
  • green tea
  • clean eating
  • chiropractic
  • vegan
  • meditation
  • fermented cod liver oil/butter blend
  • vegetarian
  • acupuncture
  • yoga
  • a good steam
  • vitamin d

Please know that this list is tongue in cheek and I’m not trying to single anyone out. If I’ve given you the impression that none of these things can’t, won’t, or don’t matter, that was not my intent.

I eat pretty close to what many would describe as paleo, for one thing. I believe that it’s healthy, and will [God willing] increase my chances of living to a long and healthy age without a walker, insulin pump, tremors, or severe memory loss.

I also take some green tea, because I have more problems than even paleo can fix. I also love my kettlebells, take fish oil, vitamin D3…

I just purchased this!

Do you have any to add to my list? Something’s gotta fix everything, I just know it!


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