Introducing the Personal Health Planner

What do you want from YOUR health in 2018?

We are excited to share a new tool to help you imagine, create and feel the changes you desire for your health in 2018!

With so many paths to go, and so many different habits and behaviors to choose from – where do you invest your energy and your focus?

How do you answer these questions?

  • What is it that you are wanting for yourself and your health in 2018?
  • How do you imagine, visualize, and create that change?
  • And how can you take action right away?

Those were the questions we answered with the Personal Health Planner.

Today, we bring you a visual tool that engages all your senses.

It comes in the form of a simple, fun, and motivational video, accompanied by useful downloads, designed to help you gain clarity, sharpen your focus, and feel real change in 2018!

visualize healthy 2018 vision board

Your Personal Health Planner will help you build a path of change that is uniquely yours!

We have created a blueprint and map, but you get to make them your own! That’s why it’s so unique – very much like a vision board, you get to map out the practical behaviors you want to act on in 2018!

Now grab something to write on, set aside a few minutes, and click play!

Get ready to inspire yourself!

Inside the video, you will see many inspirational images. They are all free to use for your personal vision exercise, and are royalty free, either from or from Galina’s personal collection.

Since you might want to go back and use them for your own journal, plan or vision board – we have uploaded a file at the bottom here to help you see them in full resolution. (something the video doesn’t allow!)

So, join us, set aside 30 minutes, grab your notebook or a sheet of paper and let’s make 2018 the healthiest, happiest year yet!

Click Play Now!

Additional resources:

PDF download of full resolution photos from the video 

The whole presentation including the original slides, so you can copy, paste, edit and use creatively – use this link if you have Keynote

The whole presentation with the original slides – use this link if you have Powerpoint

If you don’t have Powerpoint or Keynote, you can view each slide as an image, here

As you know, we wrote a whole book (Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well) to get you started and going steady on a path of better health, one of eating nourishing food, moving as a way of healing your body, and living in a way that supports your energy, creativity and positive expression in the world. It can surely be a great companion to your Personal Health Planner.

Another way you can get our support is through doing one of our self paced courses. You can view them all here, and use coupon code HEALTHPLANNER on any of our programs to get a great discount for using our awesome new tool.

Last, but not least, consider becoming a member of our Facebook group. Being a part of a nurturing community who gets you, encourages you and keeps you accountable to the change you want to see can be irreplaceable!

We are wishing you a healthy and happy 2018 and we are honored to be on your team!

Galina and Roland

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