Free the Belly with Barbara Loomis

Free The Belly with Barbara Loomis

Pain in the belly can be more than food intolerances or illness. Trauma, scars, and even a life of relative inactivity can lead to discomfort, constipation, and a variety of symptoms throughout the body.

The more we learn about the gut, and the role it plays in our nervous system, the more we see the value in taking care of it, gently and lovingly.

On this episode of the #EatMoveLive52 Podcast, our friend Barbara Loomis joins us to talk about the belly, surgery scars, emotions, and how you can start to heal.

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Free the Belly with Barbara Loomis

Barbara Loomis

Barbara Loomis specializes in several forms of abdominal therapies with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts field. She is a practitioner of Visceral Manipulation™ as well as a practitioner and educator of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® and Chi Nei Tsang (Chinese abdominal therapy).

To learn more about her and her online courses visit Nurturance.

Note – We love and have taken Barbara’s course, and when you purchase through our link we make a small affiliate commission with no extra cost to you.

What’s up in this episode

  • Barbara’s Free the Belly Course
  • Digestive distress, common belly pains, aches, and problems
  • The role of movement and manual therapy in belly care
  • How movement and massage can positively effect the gut, digestion, bowel movements
  • SIBO and IBS, supplements and medicine
  • Skinny jeans and the sedentary lifestyle strike again
  • Tiny bladder syndrome
  • Liquor stores, Grandma’s smokes, and VH1
  • Phones, stress, and belly problems
  • Loving care for your body and your belly
  • Self massage and gentle practitioners
  • It’s all connected (but you know that, right?)
  • The role of medicine and nutrition in belly and gut care
  • Patience and time
  • Barbara’s Free the Belly Course
  • Who the Free the Belly Course is for

Check out Barbara’s great course right here.

If you’re interested in working with Barbara in person, you can find her at

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