Happy Food Revolution Day 2014!

This year, it’s all about getting kids to cook!

Keep it simple; let them help you shop and let them help you cook!


5 simple ideas to get your kids into the kitchen

1. Have a farmer’s Market trip, followed by a salad or fruit salad. Anything goes!

2. Got to the grocery store for their favorite meat, and pick one favorite veggie and one veggie that’s new to them.

3. For dessert, make it fruit or fruit salad, and make some whipped cream from scratch  …with a bowl and a whisk!

4. Tacos and taco salads, assembled at the table, is a great way to show that food is made up of ingredients. Serve bowls of meat, veggies, cheese, and all the toppings, and let them make their own.

5. Everyone loves hand made guacamole!


Keep it simple

…but involve the kids in the cooking, and see if they don’t start to enjoy things you thought they never would.


Happy Food Revolution Day!

Roland and Galina



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