I wasn’t ready for Men’s Health

What do tampons, fitness magazines, and condoms have in common?


I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but when I wanted to lose weight (but hadn’t yet), I wanted to read magazines like Men’s Health, but didn’t.

I felt embarrassed to even buy the magazine because I was so far away from the cover model look.

Eventually, after I’d already lost quite a bit, I started to buy magazines like Men’s Health, but even then, you’d think I was buying a Penthouse magazine, tampons, or condoms!

I would only buy it when I had a lot of other things to buy, and I’d roll it up or bury it in my cart.

rolled up magazine 200268_1892

I was reminded of this while having a cup of coffee the other day. Next to me was a guy in pretty good shape reading MH magazine, while there was a guy in pretty bad shape next to him; this poor guy #3 was trying to almost read the magazine from the chair next door. He wanted the info!

It made me wonder if guy #3 was basically the me of 15 years ago.

I hope not, because I might have gotten fit faster (and sooner) had I just bought the magazine and started doing something. Something.

Please don’t think you’re ‘not ready’ for a fitness program. Everyone is ready for something. No one looks at you funny for taking the initiative to begin. Read something, even if there’s a model on the cover.


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