Not quite ready for summer?

Join us for our free ’30 Days of Real Food Reset’ and get beach-ready now!

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This morning, I sent out a newsletter announcing that we are starting the next 30 Days of Real Food Reset on May 1st!

We’ve done this challenge before, and people (and even whole families) loved it, lost weight, and got healthy. We have been thrilled with the participation in past challenges, and we hope that you’ll join us, and make this challenge bigger than ever before!



Not ready for Summer?

  • Are you avoiding the beach because you’re not ready to put on that bathing suit?
  • Do you have trouble keeping up with the kids?
  • Do you have a hard time choosing from the millions of diet and fitness plans out there?
  • How long will you put off enjoying a great summer, looking and feeling amazing in the body you deserve?

Instead of wasting more time and missing out on your summer, start the one free plan that will not only help you get in shape for summer, but will also guarantee lasting results – The 30 Days of Real Food Reset!

Mark your calendars, because May 1st is Day One of our latest 30 Days of Real Food Reset! Yes, that’s one week away, but we know you are ready!


What is the Real Food Reset, anyway?

Here’s a brief excerpt from our 30 Days of Real Food PDF Guide, available here.

We like to call plans like our “30 Days of Real Food” resets. They work very much like that big button on your computer. When your mouse freezes, when a program doesn’t work, when you are frustrated with how slowly something is going, or when you just don’t know why your computer is “stuck,” you press the big button. The start screen appears, you type in your password and oh, a miracle! Everything works!

We humans get stuck the same way a computer gets stuck, and the way to unstick ourselves is to go back to our more natural state of eating and moving like we are designed to. 

I won’t take too much time to explain this, but let’s just say 100 years ago we didn’t have the foods we have today, and 10,000 years ago we had even fewer of them. We have not had adequate time to adapt to a lot of these new foods, and sometimes eating a bit too much of them (like we tend to do around the holidays), may just be too stressful for our poor bodies to handle. They show us we’ve had too much modern foods and stress by displaying some of the following signs: fatigue,trouble sleeping, digestive distress, lack of energy, poor performance, brain fog, allergies, obsessive thoughts of food and overeating at night, anxiety, depression, aggression, hormonal imbalances, lack of sex drive, lack of motivation, etc.

Just like you would press the big button on your computer to make your programs run well again, you can apply the same trick to your own body and reset it by eating the right foods and adding a bit more movement into your life.

The diet is focused on what we call ‘Real Food,’ with a focus on vegetables, quality protein sources, and healthy fats, plus extras like fruits, nuts, and seeds. It’s really a back-to-basics diet that resets your appetite and cravings, and reconnects you to a proper relationship with food.

We encourage you to download the PDF to get the whole story, but I hope you can see the importance of what we call ‘Real Food!’


We’ve got the info

30 Days of Real Food

The 30 Days of Real Food resources page is were you will find all the info that you need to get started. There are links to everything, there, so head over and download your PDF Guide, your charts and forms, and even listen to our podcast where we talked all about the 30 Days of Real Food program!

The 30 Days of Real Food on Facebook is the place to be for great community interaction, tips, recipe sharing, and more. Come say hi!



The 30 Days of Real Food on Amazon?

That’s right, Galya and I have been hard at work taking our 30 Days of Real Food Reset program, and turning it into a full fledged book! It will be available on Kindle and paperback on May 31st! (my birthday!)

We’ve been getting lots of positive feedback from our reviewers, and new forms and resources are being created to support our Real Food readers. In addition, edits and revisions are being made quicker than expected, and that makes our May 31st release even sooner than we had hoped!

What better way to celebrate my 46th birthday than with the release of our latest book!

So, can you see why this upcoming 30 Days of Real Food challenge are so exciting for us? This has been a really great year, and now it looks like summer is going to be awesome too!


Join us for the 30 Days of Real Food Reset, and spend summer in the body you deserve!

For all the information that you need to get started, log on to The 30 Days of Real Food and download our 30 Days of Real Food Guide. Then, head to our 30 Days Facebook page and let us know that you’re IN!

See you on Facebook!


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