Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day dear ladies! Let today be a celebration of your inner power, your limitless strength, your flexible spirit and your drive to be a great example to your partners, daughters and sons!

My heart goes out to each and every one of you stretching with a baby crawling next to her, doing a push up with the little ”koala” stuck to your back, foam rolling while giving and receiving hugs…you are awesome! I love you 🙂

I was talking to Roland this morning about wishing everyone a happy mother’s day – and what better way than to share what exercising with a little one really looks like. I’ve given my fair share of art directing photo shoots for glossy magazines, but I have to tell you – no image in a magazine can ever compare to what real life offers!


koala push up – patent pending


”Mom, try using these cheerios for your stretching class!”


”Just making sure you are working hard enough, mom!”


”TRX for ages 4 to 40!”


”Stuck to you” foam rolling


”Best friend” glute bridges

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