Roland’s top ten gluten free foods

From the home office in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

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A friend of ours at Trader Joe’s was helping his customer find something on the shelves, when he was asked him about all the shelf tags with the “G” on them.

“Gluten free,” he said.

“They are all over the store, except in the produce section, which is all gluten free!”

Excellent. 😀

We get asked about our favorite gluten free foods from time to time, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the very best!

Roland’s Top 10 Gluten Free Foods

From the home office in Rancho Santa Margarita, California…

#10 – Fruit

 #9 – Turkey

 #8 – Ahi

 #7 – Shrimp

 #6 – Eggs

 #5 – Chicken

 #4 – Lamb

 #3 – Beef

 #2 – Salmon

 And the #1 gluten free food…



gluten free vegetables



There are many, many gluten free foods that didn’t make the list, but a healthy diet should be focused on the foods in the top ten list, along with ingredients like herbs, spices, added fat, and maybe some dairy (assuming dairy is not an issue for you).

Things like pancakes, crackers, cereal, bread, chips, pasta, and other processed foods should be minimized to a large degree; gluten free or not, because they shouldn’t be the basis for anyone’s diet.

Gluten free treats are just that – treats.

If you have the treat every day, it’s no longer a treat; it’s a problem.

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