The Mustache Workout

Just in time for Movember!

Dumbbell floor press with mustache

Last year I grew an amazing mustache for Movember, a great organization that supports prostate cancer research, testicular cancer and mental health challenges.

I’m happy to do it again this year, although I don’t know how fond Galina is of the mustache itself.

She hasn’t said no, so…

I was proud to grow the mustache, despite the look of the mustache itself. I was more proud that I helped raise a little money and awareness for the cause, and I’m happy to be a part of it this year, too.



The Mustache Workout in Print

Yep, the program is coming soon in paperback, just in time for Movember.

Look for it in a week or so, once it gets back from proofing. Of course if you want it NOW, grab the ebook versions here, on Amazon, B&N/Nook, Apple, or Kobo and get started.

If you’re holding out, let me know and I’ll hook you up with the ebook today and send you an autographed copy of the paperback when it arrives all for the price of the print version.

I’m proud of this little book because it’s a back-to-the-basics training program, and something that people really need.

We’ve all (speaking from experience here) done long, complicated programs, using charts, calculators, and supplements, only to find that we’d actually taken steps backward in progress. Some things that are great for the pros are just too much for us mortals.


Yesterday’s strongmen

If we look at the strongmen of just a few decades ago, we find that they seemed more than mortal, and they got there without drugs, steroids, and supplements. In fact, these things didn’t even exist back then, and they still got big, strong, and lean.

The_Text_Book_of_Weight-Lifting_(Arthur_Saxon) monochrome

How did they do it?

Real, simple, basic training. No gimmicks, just back to the basics, tried and true training methods and tools.

Real, good, natural food. No fancy supplements, just the foods that naturally get you big, strong, and lean!

That’s The Mustache Workout for you, right there.

Real training.

Real nutrition.



Proudly supporting Movember

Starting now, through the end of November, we’ll be donating proceeds of all versions of The Mustache Workout to Movember.

…and you can help bring awareness to the cause, and help fund a cure for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and even the mental health issues that are just not talked about.


How can you help?

Easy as pie.

1. Grow a mustache and when people ask what the heck is wrong with you, tell them about Movember and ask them to get involved, too.

2. Donate directly to the cause. Here or with your local Movemember Team. It all goes to the same place, so find a Team or help via mine, virtually!

3. Get The Mustache Workout on Amazon, B&N/Nook, Apple, or Kobo.

4. All of the above.


Oh, there is a #5

Mustache Workout Kindle Cover resized5. Write a review.

On Amazon, reviews are a critical part of a book’s success.

Amazon uses reviews to help people find the books they want, and we want people to find the book, especially in November, when we are donating proceeds to Movember!

The book has been out for a year now, and if you tried the program or read the book, will you please write a review?

November is looming.

Movember is almost here.

…and, and every review will help.


Thanks! Talk to you soon…


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