12 years lean

and counting!

Today, Monday October 27, 2014 is my 12 year anniversary of hitting ‘healthy weight’ on the scale, and to celebrate, I now post an embarrassing picture of myself.

I recently found this picture, circa 2000, of the old me.

aurora and me compressed DSC00068

I think I was already down about 30 pounds at this point. Go me!


Here’s yesterday

…with my current princess.

Galina and Roland at JC Beans scarecrow coffee house 2014-10-25

12 years lean, baby!


It wasn’t always hard

It wouldn’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t always hard, either.

…and it definitely got easier over time.

Here’s what I wrote on my 10 year anniversary, days before Man on Top was published.


Thank you all

Man on Top Cover

I know a lot of you have already read Man on Top, as we get email reports and questions all the time. If you want to read it, but haven’t yet, I’m putting the book on sale for a few days, so grab it now on Amazon.

Note that if you buy the paperback on Amazon, you can get the kindle version free as part of Matchbook. I can’t get B&N, Apple, and Kobo to do the same, but if you aren’t a kindle person yet bought the paperback, email me and I’ll hook you up!


Happy Monday!





2 thoughts on “12 years lean

  1. Carl Sinclair

    Looking good Roland.

    In fact you look like a certain starship captain in the second picture….

    Make it so.


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