The Kids Are At Home – A Very Special Podcast Episode

Special guests join us to support families with kids at home and the extra challenges presented during the coronavirus and COVID-19 quarantine.

So many of our listeners, family, and friends are quarantined, in lock-down, or encouraged to stay at home, often with kids.

While we all love our kids, many of us aren’t used to being with them 24/7, much less while being expected to work from home, and with lots of stress and nowhere to go.

We asked a few of our friends who are experts in health, movement, kids, and family to join us for open and frank discussions on how we can all do ourselves and our families proud during these trying times.

I hope you find this special episode helpful. If you do, please share it with a friend!

Galina and Roland

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The Kids Are At Home

Tonight, on a very special quarantine edition of the EatMoveLive52 podcast

The Guest List

We’ve never quite had an episode like this, and we want to extend deep gratitude to all the guests who shared their experience and wisdom with us.

  • Lisa Gillispie
  • Katy Bowman
  • Dr. April Graham
  • Dr. Mike Valentine
  • Joanna Zaremba

You can connect to each and every one of them, below!

Lisa Gillispie

First, we are joined by our friend and colleague Lisa Gillispie. As a trauma-informed body-worker and therapist, Lisa was the perfect co-host for this kids-at-home collaboration and we are so glad for her voice on the podcast.

To find more about Lisa and her work, visit Columbus Mind-Body Counseling.

Katy Bowman

Katy Bowman is the founder of Nutritious Movement, and author of multiple books and countless articles and education products on natural movement, including the award-winning, Move Your DNA.

You can find everything about her work and her excellent books at

Doctor April Graham

April Graham, ND is a naturopathic doctor specializing in pediatrics and fertility.

To find more about Dr. April, you can visit at

Dr. Mike Valentine

Dr. Valentine received his Doctorate from U.C.L.A. in Education with a specialization in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology.

Mike has served in a variety of positions as a teacher, counselor, administrator, and school psychologist at the elementary, junior high, continuation high school, high school, and university levels.

He is the author of How to Deal with Discipline Problems in the Schools: A Practical Guide for Educators and How to Deal with Difficult Discipline Problems: A Family-Systems Approach.

He was a national and international consultant on school discipline issues and has helped turn around many out of control inner-city schools. One of these schools went from being one of the worst schools in New York to a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence.

You can shoot Dr. Mike an email at

Joanna Zaremba

Joanna Zaremba is a movement teacher and coach, who specializes in play! We hope her ideas inspire you as much as they did us and you hop in and take a class with her!

To take Joanna’s online play class with your kids you can visit her Core to Coeur Page.

You can find out more about her

Galina and Roland Denzel

You probably know us, but just in case, we are authors, health coaches, and movement teachers.

One is a nutritionist and the other a trauma therapist. You’ll have to figure out which is which 😉

You can find the free, special resources we talked about here or at the link below.

Free resources to help you in difficult times

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