The First 30 Days of Real Food

almost there, now what?

We LOVED doing this challenge – the stories, testimonies, feedback, questions and discussions have been fantastic – we had fun, we all have results and we are proud of gathering a new and fun group of people that did something wonderful together! Go us!

For some of us who started the first part of January, the 30 days are almost over. Wasn’t hard, was it? After all, how can eating delicious vibrant colorful and satisfying food be hard at all?

Ok, maybe a little hard; especially saying goodbye to sugar and bread, but now you have a new repertoire of tastes and experiences – you know your body better and you can be a more accurate judge of what and when to eat!


We invite you to share

We invite you to share your experiences on our Facebook page or in an email.

30 Days of Real Food Facebook page


Just write a few sentences about your 30 days of real food. There are a couple of reasons…


First, I want you to celebrate change. Even small change is change. Look at your symptoms chart and see how your numbers changed. Some aspects of our life require a long time to register a lasting visible or dramatic change, sometimes it feels like you go in circles, yet every time the circle is a bit different, and brings you to a new place – you need to acknowledge the change you have made. Talk about your new energy levels, brag about the lack of hunger, rejoice that you lost weight – just say what happened and acknowledge that you rock – no matter how small or big that change was – because rocking a little is a step towards rocking a lot. Anyways, you rock!


Second, your message is powerful. When Roland and I share about our successes in fitness or nutrition people think those things are reserved only for the ‘coaches,’ like it’s our job to get healthy or move better. It’s not always easy to see that the results achievable for us are available to everyone else. When YOU, yes YOU – share what you did, that empowers hundreds of people to desire it for themselves, make it possible and dramatically improve their lives. That dad on a verge of a heart attack may hear your message and decide to get healthier! That mom who sees you dropped 10 lbs will get motivated to start and be a great example to her small church group and get tens of women to do better! Don’t think your example won’t create a domino effect – in fact, be certain and come tell us!


Third, we want to give back to you – because well, you rock! We will be giving out a few very cool prizes, and we will draw them between everyone who participated, but if you share your experience we will put your name in the drawing three times so you have a 3 times greater chance to win!

So here it is – we ask you to share and we hope you do!


And then…

With only a few days of the challenge left, you also have some ‘work’ to do, as in ‘deciding how to go on from here.’

Carry on!

If you are feeling great, there is no reason to get off the ’30 Days,’ you can just keep eating the way you are eating and make these 30 days 300 Days.

Lose Weight

Not happy with how much you weigh? Maybe you can look at the quantities of food and see if you can cut some calories?


You can also look at some of the foods you would like to try again, like legumes, grains, or dairy, and choose a day to test how you do. To do this, you can eat one meal that contains a food you’ve excluded over the last 30 days. Enjoy your meal and notice how you feel after. Give yourself at least two days to observe symptoms. You can go to the chart from the challenge and use it to record changes and to see exactly how you are being affected. Then decide if that food makes you feel great, whether it’s neutral or whether it makes you feel bad. I can still not include bread more than once every week, so it’s a food that I choose not to eat. I can tolerate yogurt very well, so I have it a few times per week. Tweak your diet based on how you feel.


Not sure what to do? Confused? Frustrated? Maybe you need a coach, someone to walk with you through this process, hear your concerns, make sure that you see your goals clearly. Roland and I have a few spots open for coaching, and we would love to help.



If you loved the challenge, share it with the world – start a small group at work, share it with your book club, walking club or gym. Spread the love – see more people get healthy – live your life to the fullest!

We love you THIS much!

We love you THIS much!

We love you and we are thankful we could do this together!

Galya & Roland

PS. More info on The 30 Days of Real Food (aka The Real Food Reset) can be found here.

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