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The REAL Food Reset – 30 days to lose weight, kick cravings, & feel great!

Unlike a diet, a detox or a flush, The Real Food Reset develops healthy eating habits that become a platform for perfect health for the rest of your life. No weighing, measuring, or counting required!

•  tired of being overweight?

•  fed up with cravings?

•  are done letting food rule your life?

•  you need to get healthy NOW!

With The Real Food Reset you will:

•  lose fat

•  get fit

•  feel better

•  feel results in just 30 days or even less!

Now Available Worldwide

The paperback is available at most bookstores, but also shipping internationally via Book Depository!

Get INSTANT ACCESS with the ebook , which is available on Apple Books, Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Tolino, and more. New stores added all the time!

Large Print now available at Amazon!

The Real Food Reset has been available in ebook since day one, which allows you to choose any text size you like, but we’ve now released a large print paperback edition, for those of you who prefer to read physical books.

Get The Real Food Reset Large Print Edition right here!

Want more help with your Reset and your 30 Days of Real Food?

We now have an online program and live coaching options to help you with your  Real Food Reset!

Whether you choose the book, the course, or coaching, The Real Food Reset will teach you everything you need to know about feeling your best.

Learn what foods make you feel you great, lose weight, and how to feel better in your own skin, all while using Real Food as your only tool.

 Start your 30 Days of Real Food today with the Real Food Reset!

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