The Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #1 – The Tipping Point

I hope you enjoy our first podcast…

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Podcast #1 – The Tipping Point (right click and choose “Save link as” to download)


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We recorded this first one off the cuff, tired from a day of standup paddling, just to make sure it would work.

It was fun making it, despite a little nervousness before hitting the record button.


Introducing ourselves

Your tipping point; how stress, sleep, diet, and exercise can pile up until your virtual tower crashes down around you.

Seemingly random rants

Actionable items that you can do today


Things with links:

5 Easy Steps to Start Losing Weight Today – Roland’s article on Yahoo! Sports Postgame – sleep, diet, and lifestyle tracker – The greatest fitness forum on the web – TheFitInk’s Facebook page – Roland’s Facebook page – Galya’s Facebook page


Questions? Comments?

We told a few friends that we’d recorded this, and they immediately told us they had questions that they wanted us to cover on a future episode. We’d love to answer theirs AND yours, so post a comment, find us on Facebook using the links, above, or shoot us an email at

We hope you enjoy our first podcast; we did, and look forward to the next one.

Take care!


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6 thoughts on “The Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #1 – The Tipping Point

  1. Monica Ruseva

    Galya & Roland, I L-O-V-E-D your first podcast! 🙂
    As I was listening a few things popped to my mind and I’d be very grateful if you talk about. Firstly, the “body-mind stuff” as Galya phrased it; secondly, some stress reducing techniques; and last but not least I’m also looking forward to more information about the restorative exercises (I’m not sure if heard that one right, so please correct me if I got the name wrong) that Galya mentioned. And I know that she has done a workshop on emotional eating so that’s another topic I’d love to hear your thoughts on.
    You two are great and I can’t wait for your second podcast!

    1. roland Post author

      thanks for listening, Monica!

      Galya is a Restorative Exercise ™ Specialist, so I’ll let her do most of the talking about the importance of that, but you did get the term right.

      Galya and I will be recording #2 in the next few days, and we’d love to talk about these things. 🙂


    2. Galina Ivanova Denzel

      Hey Monica, thank you for the kind words 🙂 Mind-body stuff is something we can talk about in a future podcast for sure, as well as stress management techniques; I really feel those are overlooked in our approach to health (too much focus on food and exercise without taking into account the complexity of the human experience). Restorative Exercise is an amazing system to introduce your body to natural movement, you can see more in Bulgarian on where I explain it very well. I will also be starting some webinars for my Bg peeps, so if you are interested, let me know and I will put your email in the notification list. Emotional eating can be a podcast in itself, and we will focus on that solely very soon 🙂


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