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The Darkside of Fitness Trackers

Yes, for all the good a Fitbit or Jawbone can do, there are some negatives.

…and no, we’re not talking about EMFs, evil hackers, or nasty skin rashes, either!

Our bottom line…

  • Wear a tracker to keep yourself honest
  • Set reasonable goals and use a tracker to help you keep them
  • Don’t let challenges drive you farther and farther past your goals
  • More isn’t always better when it comes to health
  • If you’re the obsessive type, realize that it can be unhealthy to obsess over healthy activities, too
  • Take a tracker vacation periodically

For further reader, here’s the I09 article. How We Discovered The Dark Side Of Wearable Fitness Trackers, by Rikke Duus & Mike Cooray

Enjoy, and enjoy tracking your fitness in moderation!

Roland & Galina

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