STOP! Hammer Toes…

Yes, it’s National Flip Flop Day again

I should have posted this last Friday to give you time to prepare yourself for it – National Flip Flop Day.

It’s the first day of summer, which seems like a good day to celebrate the flip flop, but it actually seems that few people are aware that it’s National Flip Flop Day, and that’s a good thing.


I hate flip flops

…for multiple reasons, but the best reason is that they make you walk silly. People walk funny, and either shuffle along or let the shoes loudly flop, flap, and slap the ground. Shuffling is not cool, and neither are the sounds that come with it.

Ok, maybe that’s not the best reason, but sometimes vanity sells.


The actual best reason

…is that they are bad for you. Can you say “hammer toes?”

My friend Katy Bowman, of the Restorative Exercise™ Institute, says:

The only negative to the bikini of footwear is the fact that it doesn’t stay on your foot without some major muscle clenching and bony alteration. Research on gait patterns and poorly attached shoes demonstrates increased risk for hammer toes, plantar fasciitis and knee pain. 

I say keep your favorite flops around for water and beach activities and invest in the newer Roman-style sandals that offer the same open-air feel but with better binding.

Thanks, Katy!


What if you’re into sports?

Did you know there’s a downside for you, too?

Kelly Starrett, PhD says

I know where you live it’s ‘Hot’. I know you like to look ‘cute’.  But you are destroying your feet mechanics and setting up serious problem for your heel cords and calf.  Best defense, no be there.  You know I’m right.  Take the flip-flop/slipper challenge.  See if you can walk/run in your flips without clinching your big toe.

Thanks, Kelly!


But it’s hot out

…and you don’t want to wear shoes. I hear you.

Better choices are a shoe that’s as open as you like, but stays on without forcing you to grip your toes.


There are those who will continue, of course…


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4 thoughts on “STOP! Hammer Toes…

  1. Klaenna

    While I tend to agree with what you’ve written you’ve forgotten one thing that this won’t really work for: 9 months pregnant and I can neither bend over or get my feet close enough to tie, buckle or zip my sandles and DH isn’t home 24/7 in order to help me 🙁 … so flip flops it is.

    1. Galina Ivanova Denzel

      I do a ton of work with pregnant women – I bet you can’t wait to be able to fit back into your once comfy shoes. As long as you don’t tread long distances in flip flops I am sure you will be fine 🙂 I love to start my foot education program way before women get pregnant so we can avoid discomfort during pregnancy, but you can’t always plan for that. Take care and happy and easy 9th month!

    2. Roland Denzel

      There’s no perfect solution. Showers, walks to the pool, and to save yourself from hot sand at the beach are also good times to wear flip flops. You don’t have to be perfect, just better. 🙂 Minimize flip flop time, and when you can, wear slip-on shoes that have some way to keep them attached to your feet. I have loose canvas shoes that slip on and off easily, and even regular shoes can slip on with a long shoehorn.

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