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Reminder that the free seminar series starts September 21st.

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Over 20 health and wellness coaches have got your back!

Hey, everyone… Happy Friday!

Last week, I was interviewed for a great event. This seminar goes way beyond just food and exercise, but into mindset, too.

Yep, 21 health, nutrition, and mindset coaches were interviewed, and I’m honored to be one of them!

I just LOVE this event because people are finally beginning to recognize that you just can’t reduce health, weight loss, or dieting to mere numbers and expect to succeed long term.

Mindset is everything

In my own interview I talked about what got me to finally lose the weight after a lifetime of being overweight, and then keep it off for over twelve years!

We also talked about that ‘aha’ moment, when something finally clicked in me to make me make a change AND make sure I never went back to my old habits.

We talked about change. Not just change, but lasting change.

I’m not just a coach, I’m also a client

I get invited to plenty of Summits, and this is one where I’ll actually be following along as you do!

I can’t wait to learn from the other 20 health, nutrition, and wellness coaches, including people like Dr. Carolyn Dean, Misty Tripoli, Tanya Penny, George Bryant, Jen Wittman, Leah Lund, Coach Yadi, and more!

Of course, sign up and you get to learn more from me, too!

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The Seminar runs September 21 – September 30, with different speakers every day.

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