Positive Monday

I just saw a post from my cyber friend Roland Fisher about seeing the positives vs dwelling on the negatives. While he was talking primarily about debunking the myths and lies of the fitness and nutrition world at large, it can also be applied to how we look at our own fitness and health.

So, instead of feeling guilty about overindulging this holiday weekend, think about what you can do today that’s a positive step toward your health, fitness, or diet goals.

  • I will make my lunch, today.
  • I will eat veggies at every meal.
  • I will only eat until 80% full.
  • I will walk to the store.
  • I took my fish oil.
  • Etc.


bulgarian shopska salad


Tonight, look back at the positive things you did today…

  • I ate vegetables at each meal.
  • I stopped eating before I was stuffed.
  • I hit the gym.
  • I slept 8 hours.
  • I drank my water.
  • I walked twice today.
  • Etc.


…and consider what positive things you can do tomorrow to add to your success.

Have a great day!


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