*%#*&%$! I left my lunch at home!


I hate when that happens.

It’s Monday, you haven’t shopped for good food, and all you see in your fruit bowl is an old apple. Or, you did your Sunday ritual аnd cooked all your food for the week, packed it in neat containers, got in your car and halfway to work, realized you forgot your lunch bag by the door. Now you have two options: go for the vending machine at work, or put your nutritionist hat on and solve this drama like a pro.

Since most highways do not go pass through farmer’s markets and green pastures with grazing cows, you have two real world options: the gas station or the grocery store.

At the gas station: get water, then make a choice of two or more of: a couple of bags of nuts, fresh fruit, string cheese, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs. If you are hungry the smell of nacho cheese or hot dogs may feel distracting, but if I haven’t said it before: ”step away from the junk – if your food comes from a spinner or a pump you are already in trouble”. Go straight for the real food, and walk in and out as fast as you can.

Аt the grocery store: snacks are hard to find in reasonable sizes here, and you don’t want to be eating out of a 5 lb jar of cashews, so try to find some Greek yogurt, deli meats and cheese sliced to order from the deli counter, olives and other marinated veggies. Grab some berries, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, pre-cut broccoli or cauliflower. If your work environment permits, tuna and salmon in a pack are also great options. Most places will have prepackaged salads, soups and hard boiled eggs. A great option would be soup or salad and a generous amount of cold deli meat.  Be careful when buying fruit and nut bars, as a lot of them may have questionable ingredients. Again, stay away from juices, candy bars, and fancy protein drinks, as they tend to stimulate the appetite and offer little real nutrition.

Now that your secret last-minute-nutrition-mission is complete your next goal is to stay away from the food at the office – sure, if your secretary just brought some raspberries from her garden – go for them, but if there is a table decorated with glazed donuts, you should know to step away.

There – you’ve made it through the day, and unlike 99% of the people you know,  you not only intended to eat well, you actually ate well.  Since that takes some skill and some brains, maybe you will remember your lunch tomorrow, but just in case grab a post it note, write ”remember your lunch” and stick it on the dashboard of your car.

2 thoughts on “*%#*&%$! I left my lunch at home!

  1. Bobby Fernandez

    Great ideas Galya. I have a few cans of sardines and oysters in my desk drawer for just the occasion. Truth is, however, I have to start giving myself a pep talk from the minute I walk in the door so that I can resist grabbing a bite with the co-workers elsewhere.

  2. Galina Ivanova Denzel

    I find sardines and oysters great in terms of nutrition, but most people don’t like them at all. It’s a taste thing – glad you are eating them. Sardines with tons of lemon and avocado are my go to snack for late afternoons. Throw some toasted seaweed and it’s a treat 🙂


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