Healthy Van Life with Petra Fisher

Healthy and fit is hard enough at home, but when your home is always on the move…

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Show Notes – Healthy Van Life with Petra Fisher

Petra Fisher Bio

Petra was certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist by Nutritious Movement in January 2013 and has completed over 200 hours of additional continuing education training from Nutritious Movement since that time.

She is a teacher trainer for Nutritious Movement, and an instructor for the international Move Your DNA workshop program.

She was certified to teach MovNat Level 1 in October, 2018. and certified as a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist in March, 2019.

She lives and works as a full-time traveler since August 2018, camping, moving and exploring the world with her partner Chris in their 2003 Toyota 4Runner, Sophie. 

Prior to her career as a movement coach, Petra was a practicing Ontario lawyer, graduating with a JD from the University of Toronto in 2004. 

Topics Discussed

  • A little about how the three of us met initially and how we have loved you ever since 🙂
  • You live an active personal and professional life people “can see” on social media – as if it’s the most natural thing you’ve always done! Tell us a bit about how you went from working a normal day job that most people dream of, to living the movement rich life you live now?
  • What was your initial motivation to start studying movement and how has it changed over time?
  • How do you personally see the roles of a structured movement practice or exercise vs the role of environment in health?
  • Tell us a bit about your van life journey – your inspiration, how you did it and what have you experienced and learned so far?
  • How has this experience changed your body and how you feel? Are you able to feel the difference in circadian rhythms or quality of movement, digestion, stress, or any other measurable aspect of life?
  • How has your “adventure” shown up mentally: do you feel an effect on your self-efficacy, or self-confidence, or ability to work with more flow and less pressure? How has it been for you and your partner?
    You work with people who are working on improving their quality of movement daily. What are some modern challenges you see everyone share and what would be a few steps you think everyone can take to remedy them?
  • Both you and us are so passionate about healthy eating! What have you found has been a new baseline of organizing your meals and how does traveling in different countries, climates and local diets affect you?
  • What is something you are working on right now that people should know about? How can they follow you?

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