EatMoveLive52 Podcast – Season 2, Episode 5

Monika Volkmar of DanceStronger and the Dance Training Project

Our guest today is our friend Monika Volkmar of and

The Dance Training Project

The Dance Training Project was founded by Monika Volkmar, a graduate of Ryerson University’s dance program and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).

After a string of injuries forcing Monika to stop dancing, she became immersed in the world of strength and conditioning, injury prevention, movement training, and Thai massage. Since then, Monika takes great happiness in training dancers to develop strength and knowledge that will help them to have long, successful dance careers with fewer injuries.

Monika’s Dance Stronger program can be found at

Dance Stronger Training Program Book

You can also find Monika at, and on Facebook and Twitter

Tell her “hi” from us!

Roland & Galina

Show topics

  • Monika’s background as a dancer and strength coach
  • Dance Stronger
  • Body image and dancing
  • Are dancers really as strong as we think?
  • Core strength
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Monika’s book and upcoming workshops

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