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This Week’s #1 Health Article

This week’s #1 is something to listen to, not read.

Our friend Stephan Guyanet, PhD was interviewed about why we eat the way we do, despite our best intentions. I’m not saying it’s the food, but it’s the food. Our food. Today’s food.

Interview With Stephan Guyenet – Real Health Radio

I can’t wait until Dr. Guyanet’s book, The Hungry Brain, comes out. You can be sure we’ll be reviewing it. In the meantime, listen up and learn what today’s food does to our bodies, brains, and appetites. It’s a hungry brain, after all, and it’s getting hungrier.


Eat Well

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs – The easier it is to cook well, the easier it is to eat well, hence the tip on boiling eggs. Eggscellent…

How the Western Diet Has Changed the Human Face – Eirik,


Move Well

sitting-body-thelifeisamazing<— This is what sitting too long does to your Body – The Life is Amazing – Infographic

From Diabetes to Athlete’s Foot, Our Bodies Are Maladapted for Modern Life – Discovery Magazine


Live Well

Give Your Eyes Some Love – Petra Fisher

Could Orange Tinted Glasses Help You Sleep Better? – A 3 minute video about better sleep, EASY!


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