Be More Resilient with Jacqueline Saszi

Want to be more resilient?

Jacqueline Saszi talks us through what it means to be more resilient, from properly managing your energy, bouncing back, and having the ability to absorb high levels of change while still being productive. Cool.

Listen up, and then stop by Jacqueline’s site and contact Jacqueline to checkout your own resiliency profile!

About Jacqueline Saszi

After working in the adolescent drug and alcohol treatment field for 12 years and becoming very disillusioned, Jacqueline took a leap of faith and followed her heart from Phoenix, Arizona back to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She took an administrative position with Linda Hoopes and Resilience Alliance, and thus began her journey into the world of organizational change and individual resilience.

She became certified as a professional coach, as well as completing a certification as a Personal Resilience Practitioner in 2010. In 2011, at the age of 35, she found myself with a back injury that left her disabled for months. In order to avoid major surgery, she received treatment from chiropractors and various bodyworkers, and eventually found Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement™. After studying with Katy for 3+ years both online and in person, she completed the Restorative Exercise Specialist/Certified Personal Trainer Certification.

With her training and experience working with young people and their families, her personal commitment to health and wellness, and her training and education, she was able to start her own business and do work that she was passionate about: consulting and coaching with individuals and organizations to guide them through transition and uncertainty, and working with people to improve their physical health using Restorative Exercise and natural movement.

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be more resilient with jacqueline saszi

Interested in becoming more resilient?

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