The Chill Holidays Podcast

Strategies to beat stress, overeating, and holiday weight gain

The holidays can be a stressful time, but you don’t have to let them win.

Take control of this holiday season, and chill!

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What’s up in this episode?

1. Survive and THRIVE this holiday season by focusing on our easy and simple holiday survival tips. Listen up!

2. Get our free Chill Holidays Cheat Sheet sent by email, here.

3. Chill Holidays is our annual holiday program, where we help our group to beat holiday stress and defeat the myth of holiday weight gain. In the process, you can hit January more relaxed, better, stronger, and leaner than ever.

4. Free Chill Holidays Video lesson & 5 Strategies to Beat Stress and Overeating this Holiday Season

5. Scruffy Hospitality – Speaking of holiday celebrations, how about having people over without worrying about perfection. The holidays are about people, right?


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