When the cat’s away…


Today, Galya heads to Los Angeles for a class on the Functional Movement Screen, so it’s party time! Toilet seats are up and aren’t coming down until Sunday, baby!

She packed some almonds for snacks, and I had a flashback to a few years ago, when I was was so worried about food that I would pack almonds, protein bars, and carry a cooler of pre-cooked chicken, cut up veggies, fruit, string cheese, and yogurt. All for a trip to a place that might be right there in the city.

Flash forward to today, and Gal and I are about the same; a few nuts and maybe a protein bar or two. I’ve gone from obsessing about the perfect food, when regular foods surround me to knowing I can always find something that works, even if it’s not PERFECT.

You know what, I’m happy, healthy, and still haven’t put any of that 110 lbs back on!


I’m not saying not to think and plan when it comes to food, but don’t let food ruin your life or your day. It’s just food, and if it’s not perfect, you can make it work. Thank God for the bunless burger! Thank God for that 80% rule.

Have a great Friday!


PS. Tomorrow is a big anniversary for me. It will be ten years of keeping the weight off! 😀


2 thoughts on “When the cat’s away…

  1. Galina Ivanova Denzel

    Word. It went very well. I fasted till lunch on day one, thenI was able to find a place that had Cobb salad, ordered some steak on the side. Ended up eating dinner at an amazing restaurant that served delicious fresh food, they even had slow roasted bone marrow (!!!!)! Ordered some poetry worthy lamb with black kale (and a glass of wine – single girl in LA, hello!). Best meal in weeks I swear. The place is called ”Bar and Kitchen” just off 8th street – same building as the O-hotel! Breakfast today was a pure bar with a bit of cream cheese from the buffet (the only thing I could eat from it), then some nuts and a banana and I was golden!


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