The Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #2 –

No longer a one hit wonder 

…although we’re really still waiting for that 1st hit. 😉

We have gotten some good feedback, so we’re back for round two. We hope you you like it.


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Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #2 –  (right click and choose “Save link as” to download)


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What’s up?

Prop 37 lost. …and then?

Lower heeled shoes on the runways of Milan (WSJ article)

Hostess is bankrupt; Are the last of Twinkies on the horizon?

Thanksgiving and holiday eating issues, tips, and drama



Why am I so hungry at lunch?



Things with links:

Ways to Know It’s Not GMO! – Roland’s article on GMO detection

Power Flats Challenge High Heels

Leather Sandals Tutorial on

Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet – Katy Bowman

Thanksgiving/Holiday Tips from Chris Kresser- 3 Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain (and why it’s so important) – TheFitInk’s Facebook page – Roland’s Facebook page – Galya’s Facebook page


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7 thoughts on “The Eat Well, Move Well Podcast #2 –

  1. Bobby Fernandez

    Hey guys. I’m about half-way through the episode. I jammed through the first one and loved all the tipping point talk. That is something I experience daily as I report to patients their most current progressions through their chronic diseases. Looking forward to more episodes.

  2. Roland Denzel

    Thank you for listening! We definitely have more episodes in the works!

    The tipping point is such a huge thing. Many people (doctors and scientists, even) try to find the one thing that’s causing the issue, and it’s often a combination of things that finally pushes us over the edge. Not that some things don’t push harder, of course!


  3. Monica Ruseva

    awesome episode – great stuff! thank you for answering my question – I tried the technique Galya suggested and I think I do see some improvement 🙂 I’m pretty much in love with your podcasts – keep them coming :))

    1. galya

      Glad you tried it and it worked. I have noticed with all sorts of anti stress techniques the key is to find something that helps and then make an effort to maintain practicing. Sometimes you will forget and just stay in a bad situation instead of being proactive and finding peace in the midst of it! Good luck and thank you for taking the time to write us!

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