strawberry lemonade

Strawberry basil lemonade

We just moved to higher altitude (5000 ft!) in May and the first few weeks we were so incredibly thirsty! Both of us drank lots of water and still felt like it wasn’t making a dent! A couple more weeks, and we had started to acclimate, but now, with summer, we are getting used to a drier kind of heat, so naturally, we’ve been drinking even more!

A few days ago, I asked in our Better in a week group for people’s favorite refreshing drinks, and today, I thought I would share a lemonade we make and love! At the end here, I am also sharing the wonderful suggestions people made in the group and hope they inspire you, too!

Strawberry basil lemonade

A family favorite, we make basil lemonade more than any other. The flavor is unrepeatable, gentle and the combination of ingredients supports digestion.

Serves 8

2 large lemons

1 large bunch basil

2 cups strawberries

8 cups water


optional: raw sugar or honey to sweeten


Bring 2 cups of the water to a boil and add the basil. Cook for 2 minutes on medium and then let it sit and soak until it cools off.

In the meantime, juice the lemons, discard of any seeds and place the juice in a blender.

Add the remaining 6 cups of water and the strawberries. Add the basil water. Add any sweetener you may like. Blend well.

Strain into a pitcher, add ice as desired. Taste for sweetness and adjust.

You can add more basil leaves, strawberry and lemon slices to each cup for decoration.

For our picnic I served the lemonade in jars, and kept them closed in the fridge till it was time to go.

How will you enjoy your lemonade?

Ready to try some of the refreshing suggestions from our free group on Facebook? Comment below and let us know yours!!

Here they are! And thank you all for contributing your lovely ideas!

Ashley: “Love a strawberry basil combo! With lime bubbly water.”

Melissa: “Anything with juiced watermelon, basil, mint, with a little bubbly water”

Teresa: “Lime, mint, and sparkling water.”

Galina: “Linden flower lemonade: 4 cups soda water, 12 linden flowers, 1/2 inch ginger, 1 large lemon, topped off with soda water. In fridge for a few hours.”

Roland: “Kombucha diluted with soda water.”

Liane: “Ginger kombucha and lemon ginger carbonated water. Plain old fashioned water will also do!”

Rebecca W: “Fresh squeezed ginger juice, fresh squeezed lemons, limes and carbonated water and a few drops of stevia. Can also add a bit of San Pellegrino prickly pear catcus.”

Bethany: “I like making shrubs and last year I made a ginger-pear one, and a cherry-lime-yarrow one. Mixed with bubbly water they were super good. This year I made lilac syrup and lemon verbena syrup. Both are great to mix with bubbly water and I often add a bit of frozen fruit as ice.”

Mina: “Green iced tea infused with grapefruit!”

Rebecca M: “I have a essential oil collection. I like a few drops of grapefruit or a lemon/lime combo with a bit of stevia. I also take any tea we have and turn it into sun tea. Not always tasty but it clears out the tea drawer.”

Sandra: “Elderberry and mint. I still think elderberry and fresh mint with bubbly water!”

Martina: “Do you have albizia near you? Put a few flowers in the water and leave it for about 3 hours in the fridge. Tastes really fresh.”

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