She’s only 5 foot 2 here, but she’s HUGE in Bulgaria


Whenever Galya goes back to Bulgaria for a visit, she’s invariably on television, and this time it’s a return to “The Apartment.”

Martha Vachkova is the host of “The Apartment,” and I liken her and her show to America’s Oprah. This time, it’s an Autumn themed show, and Galya and Diana, who’s Galya’s partner in The Art of Read Food, use a lot of words, prepare food, and look amazing.

Galya and Diana on The Apartment


Click this link to see Galya and Diana on “The Apartment.”

I’ve seen the show before, and just like then, I have no idea what they’re saying, with the exception of “yogurt” being repeated over and over again. Bulgaria is all about the yogurt, as is only fitting a country that’s named after the primary bacteria in that dairy product. 😉

galya and diana cooking

For those of you who don’t sprechen zie Bulgarski and are afraid you might have to wait 39 minutes to see them, do not despair; they are the first guests, they talk, blah blah blah, then there’s a short break, and they are back to prepare some delicious looking food, including what appears to be MY recipe for Coconut Cereal.

If you’re good, I’ll get the recipes. I know people…

The Art of Real Food

Galya, Diana, and Martha Vachkova on “The Apartment”

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