Review of Lou Schuler’s “The New Rules of Lifting for Life”

Lou and Alwyn have done it again, with yet another great book that goes beyond a simple lifting program! The ultimate fitness duo’s followup to The New Rules of Lifting for Abs is more than just another volume in a series; The New Rules of Lifting for Life ditches the concept of a “generic training program” and puts the actual exercise selection into the hands of the reader! And, they do it in a way that’s clear, easy to follow, fun, and downright satisfying.

I will confess that I got the book ahead of time, as my wife wrote the recipes, so we got the book a couple of weeks ago. 🙂 Still, I love the book enough to give it as a gift, and have already purchased two more to give to two friends who can really use Life.


Lou Schuler New Rules of Lifting for Life


By the way, here’s my Amazon review of The New Rules of Lifting for Life:

One of the best parts of this book is that you get to pick your own exercises. No, you don’t have to be your own trainer, but you get to participate in your own program design. Other programs might tell you to do an exercise that you just can’t do because of an injury or lack of equipment OR because it’s simply too hard or too easy. Not a problem with NROL4L because there are a ton of alternate exercise from which to choose.

Also, because it’s a template, you don’t have to stop after you’re done with the program; simply choose new, different, or tougher exercises and get back at it! The book delivers more exercises than any previous volume of NROL, and in a way that makes it easy to follow and learn.

New Rules of Lifting for Life is one of those books that every fitness enthusiast needs to read. The advice is golden, straight shooting, and as funny as Lou Schuler can be. The book has sound advice for all of us, man or woman, including how to get lean, get strong, get or stay healthy, and look good. I don’t know about you, but I want to look good for years to come. 😉

Alwyn’s programs are deceptively challenging, and as I found out during my workout just last night, I guess I really needed to step things up.

The New Rules of Lifting for Life is my new go to recommendation! …at least until my own book is ready to go!

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