Review of the Fitbit Ultra

I’ve been using my fitbit, (which I’ve since upgraded to the fitbit ultra after breaking the original), for over a year now, and I think it’s a tremendous little tool.

so that’s what that pocket is for…


It’s got a lot of pros, since it’s $99 or less, convenient, etc. 

  • small
  • inexpensive for what it does
  • girly colors (pink and this girly blue), which is great for girls
  • wireless sync to base unit
  • the best diet and food logging interface on the web!
  • great battery life
  • uses an accelerometer vs that little ball that rolls back and forth inside most pedometers, so it’s more accurate
  • via the web site, allows you to challenge your friends via the “Leader Board”
  • can ride in your pocket, invisibly
  • the soft and comfortable armband lets you track sleep time and quality
  • clips securely on fabric, like socks, pant legs, etc. I found that when clipped to my pant leg or sock, it registers movement for Kettlebell Sport movements better.
  • lets you “bookmark” activities from your fitbit, then tell it what you did (a run, hike, housecleaning), later. It’s fun to see how much these things burn when you assign it a specific activity.
  • reminds you to move
  • great customer service (mine broke after longtime use, and they still replaced it)
  • a pedometer on steroids


Most of the cons are merely because of the small size, so it’s hard to say I’d want more features if it made the fitbit bigger or bulkier.

  • easy to lose or wash in the laundry
  • colors are girly, so it’s a good thing it can ride in a pocket
  • holster doesn’t inspire confidence (feels like it could fall out)
  • no hole for a keyring, chain, or lanyard
  • could use a smaller base for laptop use
  • if you’re too smooth and awesome at Kettlebell Sport, it barely registers your snatch movement. Nothing’s perfect!

I can dream, can’t I?

I wish could somehow track your activity, and when it finds you ass-sitting for too long, send you a text message or email to get you off your butt. It would need to sync via a phone app and bluetooth instead of the base unit, but wouldn’t that be a great future feature?


The biggest thing for me, is the realization of just how little I move each day. The fitbit encourages me to get up off my butt, and since it’s small and unobtrusive, and has so many great features, it’s hard to not recommend it! The Fitbit is under $99 and available at Amazon with free Super Saver shipping.


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