Is that a Fitbit in your pocket or are you just happy to be walking?

Or 10 things that are only cool because you have a Fitbit

I’ve had a Fitbit since they launched their first model. I loved it then and I love it now.

The Fitbit line of trackers has only gotten better over time. Today, I use the Fitbit One, and Galina has the Flex, and we love them both.


That sucks! …unless you have a Fitbit

Galina and I were heading out the other night, and halfway down the block I realized I’d left my phone in the studio, so we had to turn around to go get it.

“More steps for us,” she said.

“We should forget things more often,” I said back.

We laughed, but it was at that point that we realized that it was true; we were finding positives in the act of getting in more walking, even if it came from the artificial reward of more steps on a pedometer.

Tracking your steps, and even better, challenging your friends to get more steps, has led to a change in attitude. Suddenly, things that we dread are becoming things that we love. …or like. Maybe not even like, but at least we don’t dread them anymore.

fitbit rolando IMG_20150220_093254 cropped

10 things that are only cool because you have a Fitbit

  1. Losing your car in the parking structure
  2. Taking out the trash
  3. Extra trips to bring in the groceries
  4. “Baby, can you go get me a glass of water?”
  5. Taking the dog out to poop
  6. Forgetting to grab something when you were on the other side of the grocery store
  7. No close parking spots
  8. Walking to lunch
  9. Walking. Period.
  10. Taking the long way home


Count your steps, and see how your steps count

You don’t have to get a Fitbit, but that’s the tried and true step tracker that we use.

The Fitbit.

Formerly Fat Guy tested,

Restorative Exercise Specialist™ approved!

Fitbit One

Talk soon!



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