How to stay on the path to good health for life

It’s been 18 years since I started my weight loss journey, lost 110lbs, and got healthy. I have this simple system to thank for my success!

On Saturday a notification popped up on my calendar.

It inspired me to share because it’s what has helped me stay fit for 18 years.

Yes, it’s been 18 years since I started my weight loss journey, lost 110lbs, and got healthy.

Statistically, most diets don’t last, with 95% of people regaining lost weight within 5 years.

I didn’t want to be that statistic, so I vowed not to let it happen to me. Easier said than done, so I made a system.

The good news for me and you is that a system like this is not only the biggest part of your success, but 100% free, simple, and easy to keep going.

I’m not very good at keeping you in suspense, so I’ll spill it right now.

My system to keep my health on track:

  1. write down your plan, no matter what it is
  2. check in on your plan on a regular basis
  3. note what’s working for you
  4. note what’s not working for you
  5. modify your plan just enough to make it work again

Note that the key to the system isn’t sticking to one diet or exercise program, but sticking to your plan and never dropping the plan just because it’s not working perfectly.

You can modify your plan all you need, but always stay on your plan, modified or not – The hardest part of this journey will always be starting again, so don’t stop, just modify.

Part 1 – Fitness log

This is part one of my system.

My fitness log is just a simple text note, by the way.

Here’s a flashback to ten years ago!

I’m currently using Evernote, which is free, not fancy, and simply a way to check in on my plan, see what’s working, what’s not, and make small changes.

Remember, you can use a note on your phone, a paper journal, or keep it online somewhere. As long as you have access to it when the time comes to check in you’re fine.

Part 2 – Calendar reminders

check in with yourself regularly

This is part two of my system. I have calendar reminders set so I never forget to check in on my plan and my progress.

Because it’s on my calendar I can also block off the time to actually DO the check-in.

The frequency is up to you, but I suggest weekly at first.

When I started I checked in on my plan every Sunday night. That kept me on track with the frequent reminders, but also worked well with my job and our tendency to make changes on Mondays.

Today I check in monthly (the 1st Saturday of each month at 8am to be precise).

Why just once a month now?

I’ve been ‘maintaining’ for a long time, and many of my good health habits are just that, habits. I don’t have to think about them anymore, I just live my life. (You can get there, too.)

BUT, habits don’t mean I can’t still get complacent. Monthly check-ins have helped me keep on track, make small changes, and keep my progress for over 18 years.

Build good habits and you can stay on track for life

Photo by Jens Johnsson from Pexels

If you want to start making progress toward your health or weight goals, make a plan (any plan) and start keeping track of your progress with the system above.

I firmly believe that if you make a plan and follow the 5-step system above, you’ll not only make the progress you want, but keep your progress forever.

I’d love to know whether this has helped you.

If you’re making your plan and going to check in with yourself, leave a comment below or send me an email at

Make it simple. Give me ONE word, like ‘in,’ ‘yes,’ ‘done,’ or even get fancy with two syllables, like ‘starting.’

If you’re too shy to say anything, here’s a free thumbs up from Keanu Reaves, instead. 😉

Talk soon,


PS. This self-check system is simple, but it can also be the most powerful part of your success. 

Remember, your success is bigger than any diet or exercise program, because all diet and exercise programs can work. …until they don’t.

The key isn’t to drop a diet or exercise program when it stops working (or you start to hate it), but to check in with yourself regularly so you can make the small changes and continue to make progress!

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