happy anniversary eatmovelive52

Happy anniversary, 365-ers!

Just like that – our dream came true.

For years we wanted to have a monthly membership platform.

We imagined and created a place to publish exciting and life-changing content and a group for discussions and support. When we set out a year ago we said let’s do this for a year, let’s try to see if our idea about self-care intersecting with life’s themes can work.

Our coach, Lyn Christian, our greatest cheerleader, asked if we were serious about this. She probed to find out whether it was another idea, or something that really came from our hearts and guts! She didn’t leave us alone until Galina, literally in tears, swore she felt that was the right way to go. It would take many hours of work and many months before we knew whether it was a viable idea.

Thanks to our founding members, who supported to this day, the idea and the community took off!

It is still in its toddler stages, but boy is it a happy toddler! Our pages and groups are full of love, life, and health – just like we imagined!

Someone yesterday asked me what was our inspiration for this.

“There’s so much”, they said. “It’s like Netflix in here…”

Yes. We were looking for a few things: an antidote to diet and wellness culture that want to fit us in a box, a way to be playful and creative with health, and a way to co-create with members.

There were months where we asked: hey, want to learn about the Vagus nerve next month? Hey, what recipes are you craving? Cioppino? No problem! And months where we called you to ask what’s wrong – how come this month’s content seems like it didn’t quite meet the expectations? And we fixed it.

We created content: recipes, mindfulness practices, movement practices, visuals, downloads, coffee houses, interviews, even a cook-along – month, after month, after month.

We edited, published, designed emails, met for coaching calls, and celebrated, overcame obstacles and moved forward together!

We are grateful you gave us a chance to do that!

365 is as much yours as it is ours.

So, armed with inspiration from our community members and knowing there are so many people who are not members yet, but whose lives could change for the best, we are embarking on year 2 of our membership community.
happy anniversary eatmovelive52

What’s new in the Eat Move Live 365 community for 2020?

  • We will keep the basic structure of the three pillars – eat, move and live and the practices – recipes, movement, and mindfulness
  • We will keep recording the audiobook chapters and publishing those (look for bonus chapters from Galina’s new book “Peace with self peace with food”, too!)
  • You get 2 hours of Healing Movement classes as a BONUS each month
  • You get any programs we do seasonally as a BONUS
  • You get access to coaching calls starting in mid-October (each week we will have a conference call for anyone who wants extra support and Roland and Galina will take turns who coaches so you get both of us)

We’re evolving based on our community

The content and how we share it keeps evolving (members, see the new checklist?? Woot!).

Whatever happens in 2020 know we will continue to create with deep care and love for you and we are grateful for you!

Talk soon, and here’s to another great year,


PS – Want a flashback of the many themes from 2019? Here is a little something to remind you of all you have done!


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