Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well - 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week

52 Easy Ways to Get Healthy – Eat Well Move Well Live Well!

Our new book is here, and it’s all about easy ways to get healthy

easy ways to get healthy - better in a week - eat well move well live well

A few years go, Galina and I discovered that the best way to help readers was to give them easy ways get healthy, NOT to turn their lives upside down!

We started writing. One lesson per chapter, and the only rules were that each lesson had to be simple and a baby step toward better health.

We worked hard to remove as many barriers as possible.  If it was expensive, complicated, or frustrating, it had to change or it had to go.

Failure was simply not an option. We made sure that anyone who tried that lesson who gave it a chance, would succeed!

Galina and I agree that this is our favorite book so far. We love how simple, but powerful, each chapter is, and our readers and reviewers seem to agree! We’re getting great feedback on the book as a whole, but particularly on how easy it is to try out each lesson, build that habit, and “feel better in a week!”

We want to thank everyone who’s read along and supported us during the writing of this book. You’ve helped us, and that means a lot. We really do hope you love this book. It was written for you!

Roland & Galina Denzel


Eat Well Move Well Live Well – 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week

easy ways to get healthy - eatmovelive52 - better in a weekEat Well, Move Well, Live Well is a simple, straightforward guide to helping you live your most vibrant life, starting right now. Get healthier and get happier every day with guidance from two of the most knowledgeable coaches in the industry.

Get practical, actionable advice on:

• Improving posture, alignment, and overall range of motion

• Getting more out of walking, natural movement, and light exercise

• Improving sleep, relaxation, and getting more rest out of vacations

• Knocking out stress, building a support network, and making simple, but powerful changes to your health, happiness, and life

Do You Want To Feel Better In A Week?

We’ve gotten great feedback and wonderful support and reviews from our advanced readers and reviewers.

easy ways to get healthy - Eat Well Move Well Live Well - 52 Ways to Feel Better in a WeekEat Well, Move Well, Live Well is a light-hearted and personal journey through many important aspects of health and well-being. Roland and Galina Denzel pull together research, personal experience, and a hefty dose of common sense to help us live better in the modern world.” —Stephan Guyenet, PhD

“An informative and helpful book that is also fun. The Denzels offer practical guidance on how to take advantage of cutting-edge health information, all while making it easy to see big-picture ways to improve your life.” —Dan Pardi, MS, PhD(c), CEO,

“Well-written, relatable, and most importantly full of tips for doing stuff right away, this book covers pretty much everything you need to know to live, eat, play, and just be better. Don’t be fooled by the friendly tone; this book is experience- and evidence-based, full of solid advice you can use immediately.” —Krista Scott-Dixon, PhD


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